Senate Avenue

The Government of Pakistan has provided a housing scheme for senate Avenue employees, known as Senate Avenue Cooperative Housing Scheme. Senate Avenue society is located in the fifth zone of Islamabad and is being developed by the Senate Avenue Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad.

Senate Avenue Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society is situated in Islamabad. Senate Avenue housing scheme is a joint effort of the Government and the cooperative sector. The main aim of the scheme is to provide good quality affordable housing to the Federal Public Sector employees in Islamabad. Senate Avenue Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society is one of Pakistan’s most developed and well-planned housing schemes. 

The NOC is pending due to unresolved proceedings in the courts. The developers of this community have made sure that everyone residing in the society has access to all basic amenities. On February 21, 2009, the layout plan for the new society was approved.

Senate Avenue Cooperative Housing Scheme Islamabad Developers & Owners

Senate Avenue Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad is building this cooperative housing society. Senate Avenue proves society’s commitment to its employees.

Following are the present project members of the society:

  • Group Captain (Rtd) Shahzad Ahmed Sheikh is the President
  • Inamullah Jan is the Vice President
  • Sher Ali is the General Secretary
  • Muhammad Kamran Rao Finance Secretary
  • Khalid Zaman is the Executive Member
  • Zahid Awan is the Executive Member
  • Naeem Iqbal is the Executive Member

Senate Avenue Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society NOC

Due to some legal matters in court, the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the residential project has not been issued yet. The developer of the project has submitted an application to the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Furthermore, the Senate Avenue society has a total area of land of about 680 Kanals and has 569 residential plots. This is the newest housing development in Islamabad. Residents of this community enjoy all the latest in technology and luxurious amenities.

The legality of the Senate Avenue Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society is not questioned, since once it’s legal, the investors are convinced to trust the property with their precious money.

Senate Avenue


The Senate Avenue Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society is located at Kahuta Road in close proximity to Islamabad Expressway.

Senate Avenue

Specifically, it is constructed in Zone 5 of Islamabad. In fact, it is linked to Japan Road located from Islamabad Expressway after Naval Anchorage Housing Society. The Society’s main entrance is on Japan Road, however, we can get in by Gulberg too.

The prime location of the Senate Avenue housing society makes it the most nearby housing society in Islamabad, which is away from the busy life of the city.

The flawlessly located society is an up-to-date place that is the ideal combination of luxurious living experiences and comfort. It offers a wide array of spacious units.


 Following are the ways to enter into the Senate Avenue housing scheme in Islamabad:

  • Situated at Kahuta Road
  • Nearly 9 min drive away from Islamabad Expressway
  • Nearly 21 min drive away from G.T. Road
  • Nearly 51 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport
  • Nearly 25 min drive away from Kallar Syedan Road
  • Nearly 30 min drive away from Rawat – Chakbeli Road

Senate Avenue Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society Master Plan

The Master Plan of the Senate Avenue Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society was developed by a team of professionals with years of experience in planning and developing properties.

Master plan map Senate Housing Society Islamabad

Residential plots offered by the society:

  • 200 Square Yards
  • 272 Square Yards
  • 355 Square Yards
  • 500 Square Yards

Senate (Avenue) Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society Blocks

Additionally, the society is distributed into several blocks as follows:

  • Housing Society Block A
  • Housing Society Block B
  • Housing Society Block C
  • Housing Society Block D
  • Housing Society Block E

Payment Plan


Plot SizePlot PriceDevelopment ChargesTotal AmountTransfer Fee
50 x 90
500 Sq. Yds
40 x 80
355 Sq. Yds
35 x 70
272 Sq. Yds
30 x 60
200 Sq. Yds

Facilities and Amenities

The owners of this facility are concerned about the well-being of the residents and provide a great deal of comfort and luxury.

Here are a few of the modern and exclusive amenities we offer at affordable prices in Pakistan:

State-of-the-art infrastructure

The housing society is working on a sustainable transport system so motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and others can have the freedom to move their vehicles. Society is trying to put its time and energy into developing technologies that are actually useful.

The Urban Look

civilization has changed because of life in cosmopolitan centers. In the urban environment of the twenty-first century, all modern amenities will be present. This is the reason the housing society will be expected to be an entirely new residential area, using a sophisticated atmosphere.

Botanical Garden

The Society will be a community living project that would provide a natural ambiance and lifestyle with all the modern amenities including a botanical garden and a swimming pool, etc. It will be designed as a living space that would provide all the necessary facilities for a modern lifestyle.

People are more prone to suffer from heart disease and diabetes due to their busy lifestyles in modern-day cities. To develop a healthy lifestyle, we need to grow the right plants in the right places in order to create an environment-friendly lifestyle.

Beautiful Lakes

A society that has two beautiful lakes in it will be different from other societies. This development is perfect for marine wildlife, the views from the property will be breathtaking.


A lush green environment, a beautiful home, and a safe neighborhood, along with easy access to Islamabad will provide an excellent place for families to live together. Society is a unique place, with lots of space for children, and even gardens for parents who want to relax. It also has a large community center which provides a playground for children and their parents to enjoy.

The owner’s main aim is to provide a community with a natural environment that is conducive to living in the modern age. To achieve this we are planning to bring down the pollution level and make it easy to recycle. 

Grand Mosque

This Society is a project that brings together some of the best minds to build a mosque that is a symbol of religion, peace, and harmony. This Mosque will be famous for its architectural beauty. The Society is committed to making sure its residents are provided with all the facilities including a beautiful mosque with all the modern technologies and architecture.

Water Resources

It’s important for society to take into consideration the residents’ water needs. The primary purpose of a water reservoir is to conserve enough water to meet the household’s needs for daily activities. In addition, the filter plant will also be built because it is important for society because it will prevent drinking water from being polluted.


A graveyard is an important part of any society. Death is part of life.  No one has ever lived forever, which is why people bury the dead when they die and pray for their eternal life.

So, the residents can also bury their relatives in the society’s graveyard and may also visit the graves of loved ones.

Community Center

Community centers have proved to be a source of social life, and also they play a vital role in the development of community and local economies. They will provide activities for the community members such as games, music, drama, dance, exercise classes, etc. The center may also organize and provide various recreational activities for the community. In addition, community centers will give rise to opportunities for businesses.

Health Facilities

Society will build a very well-designed hospital with excellent facilities. There would be several wards in the hospital, including the general ward, children’s ward, women’s ward, surgery ward, orthopedic ward, cardiology ward, intensive care unit (ICU), emergency ward, etc. The healthcare facility will provide the best medical care for you at any hour. Society’s hospital aims to make world-class healthcare facilities available 24/7, 365 days a year. These facilities will provide top-notch medical services to patients, while they are waiting or during emergencies.

Education Complex

In order to provide the most effective education to the young generation of the nation, the housing society has chosen the most suitable land to develop an International school in Islamabad. This school will play a vital role in the development of children and youth.

The project will offer the best quality educational facilities and infrastructure for the students to gain high-level education. It will be equipped with modern amenities and will have facilities for sports and extracurricular activities.

Business & Commercial Hub

The developers of the society have considered all the needs of the residents, and they’ve also included commercial and economic needs. It will be the first community that provides residential and commercial space in a single complex. The community will include homes, offices, retail stores, and other businesses, all under one roof. This is the best way to save money because all the utilities will be provided by society. In addition, there will be an all-in-one commercial area which offers all the shopping needs, from clothing to electronic needs.

Secure Community

In the housing society, all the residents should have the same level of safety. The security system is designed for the security of the whole housing society and the people who live in it. It also safeguards society against intruders, theft, fire, etc. The system is developed to make the people feel safe in their houses. A secure housing society will have an effective security system, including installing CCTV cameras, fire alarm systems, etc. Society will have a wall that surrounds it to give a high safety level. 

High-quality Road Infrastructure

One of the most important things in every society is road infrastructure. Roads are essential for communication.  

The roads and other infrastructure of society are developed with high levels of professionalism and technology, ensuring that they’re always ready for drivers and are well maintained. The main road and streets are large enough to allow cars and people to get by comfortably.

Salient Features

Senate avenue has the following salient features:

  • Security & surveillance
  • Efficient elevators & lifts
  • Prayer Area
  • Fitness Center
  • Health care units
  • Delicious Foodcourt
  • Spacious car parking
  • Free Wi-Fi Zone
  • Top floor gathering arena
  • Business Capital
  • High-Speed Free WIFI
  • HD CCTV Security Cameras
  • Emergency exits & firefighting systems

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A new and exciting project Senate avenue has been launched which provides the luxury apartment with the most modern facilities at affordable prices. You can take it home at a very low cost. It is a CDA-approved society and is located in the capital of Pakistan. Our aim is to create a better environment for its residents and to provide all the facilities for their comfort and convenience. It offers residential plots for sale. The prices are very reasonable, that’s why this golden opportunity of investing in this housing society should not be missed.

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