Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City is a housing project that is aimed at providing an educational and religious environment for its residents, as well as offering modern amenities and facilities. The aim is to provide a comfortable environment for the residents that will foster their Islamic values and culture.

It is urban planning and design that balances modernity and community, harmony and diversity, functionality and sustainability, and affordability and accessibility to all residents. The design of the project is meant to provide a balanced living environment for residents that include a variety of residential and commercial facilities, public spaces, schools, shops, and restaurants.

The inspiration of Qurtaba City

The developers of Qurtaba City took inspiration from the ancient city of Qurtaba, located in Spain. Previously called Qurtaba, the new name for this town is now Corodoba. The ancient city of QurTaba (in Spain) was the birthplace of science and medicine in the 8th century.    The concept of Street Lights, Footpaths and Pavements was also brought by Qurtaba City. Qurtaba City was the first city to introduce indoor toilets.


Qurtaba City, a landmark project by Madinatul-Ilm, is a city that strives for peace and knowledge. This is a non-profit association associated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Qurtaba City Location

Qurtaba City is one of the leading townships in Pakistan. It is located on motorway Chakri interchange at the Potohar valley, between the rivers of Sill and Sawan that is near to the Khairi Moorat Hills which gives a great opportunity for both residents and travelers. It has become a major residential area as well as a commercial hub due to its location and development. It is located near the main motorway and also just about 25 minutes away from the Islamabad international airport. 

Qurtaba City Map

Qurtaba City Map

Qurtaba city map with all routes and access points is given below:


It is very accessible from Rawalpindi via Dhamial Road as well as Lahore Islamabad Motorway. You can easily get off the Chakra Road Interchange at 100 feet from the motorway. This is the road to this society.

Qurtaba is a fully developed township with many exclusive projects including houses, apartments, villas, a shopping mall, etc. 

Qurtaba City NOC

Housing development is registered with the NOC/TMO/105 granting approval for the construction work.

If you are looking to live in a new building, with a modern infrastructure and amenities at affordable prices then this housing society might be the place for you. It is located on Chakri Road. Its NOC is approved by concerned authorities.


The beautiful valleys of Potohar and Sil River pass through the middle of the Qurtaba city, which is built on over 7000 Kanal of land. The valleys are full of natural beauty with some of the most beautiful scenery of the world.

Qurtaba City Project Details

According to the master, the total land area is divided into zones. The zones in this city are all well planned and maintained and are provided with modern amenities and excellent engineering work. The first phase of the project work is nearly completed. Meanwhile, work on the other phases continues.

Each phase will be connected by a highway system that spans each zone. Some of the roads in Phase I are 100ft wide and will take you across some of the largest zones in the city.  Also, the developer’s plan for Phase 1 includes a mosque. It will be big enough to hold a large number of Muslims at prayers.

Qurtaba City Payment Plan

A unique project offering a range of affordable residential plots in Qurtaba city, offering you the opportunity to own your own piece of land from residential plots of 138,272 &500 Sq Yards. These plots are selling at reasonable rates with a 2.5-year installment plan or with instant cash. 

Residential Plots

Plot SizeTotal PriceDown Payment 20%Quarterly Installment
05 Marla2,500,000500,000250,000
10 Marla3,500,000700,000350,000
1 Kanal5,000,0001,000,000500,000

Central Commercial Plots

Plot SizeTotal PriceDown Payment 20%Quarterly InstallmentOut Standing Amount
8 Marla12,000,0002,400,0001,200,0009,600,000

Sector Commercial Plots

Plot SizeTotal PriceDown Payment 20%Quarterly InstallmentOut Standing Amount
5.35 Marla5,330,0001,066,0005,330,0004,624,000

Qurtaba City Facilities

Qurtaba City is an exclusive housing society where all the necessary and luxurious amenities are available in a perfect manner. The architecture and the design of this society are very unique and different from any other society in Pakistan. All the buildings of this society are designed in such a way so as to give the city a beautiful look. The residents of can enjoy all the luxury amenities and facilities which are very well-maintained by the authorities of the society. Basic amenities are:

  • Modern Schools, Universities, and colleges  
  • recreational Parks and Gardens 
  • Hospitals’ Latest Technology Equipment
  • Markets In Every phase and sector
  • Grand Jamiah Mosque with 200 Kanal land
  • Wide Roads with 200 Ft. and Wide Main Boulevard with 300 Ft.
  • A 70-Kanal Commercial Area for businesses and other entrepreneurial activities
  • Community Club for gatherings and social activities 
  • 138, 272, and 500 Sq. Yard Plots
  • Qurtaba International University
  • Hotels, Cafes and restaurants 
  • Modern Offices,
  • River-side Development
  • Commercial Area reserved just for women
  • Safari Park, Zoo & Theme Park
  • Business hubs and centers 
  • All electrical wires are underground 
  • Secure Community with Gate
  • Clean and green environment
  • Maintenance and Integrated Security
  • Sewerage System
  • Solid Waste Management and Disposal Systems

The Qurtaba City housing society is one of the best for its residents. It’s comfortable and dependable. The serenity, beauty, and luxury of the land make it a perfect project for investing and residing. People who want to live a peaceful life should visit this city. The perfect city to live in, where your family can enjoy a perfect environment for their own peace of mind and happiness.

Qurtaba City Facilities

Qurtaba International University

It is also included in the master plan of the city that KURTABA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is to be constructed in ZONE 1, and will cover an area of 750 Kanal. This plan has a lot of potentials. University will become a center of modern and religious studies for the entire community.

Qurtaba International University

Jamia Masjid Qurtaba

The Grand Jama Masjid will be a part of the new Qurtaba city. It will be an architectural wonder and the workmanship will be unbelievable.

There are many mosques in the housing community. That is true, however, the grandest of them all will soon be unveiled. This project is going to have a unique concept, a modern design, and cutting-edge technology. The religious mosque will have beautiful tiled walls, marble floors, and iconic craftsmanship.

The area that this mosque will cover is 190 Kanals (or 80,000 square feet). That is the equivalent of about 20 football fields. The mosque will have the necessary facilities for the people.

The project has been located at the scenic location of Potohar, where you can see picturesque mountain views around the mosque. The Mosque will play a major part in the popularity of this society. It will become one of the major landmarks of the country.

Jamia Masjid Qurtaba

Why Invest in Qurtaba City Islamabad

This prestigious society is filled with opportunities, and you should invest in it because of all these reasons:

 A Conceptual Society

So many housing communities have emerged as an alternative to home ownership – the trendy and unique concept of themed housing is one of the most sought-after community concepts of the moment. From condos to duplexes to villas to tiny houses and much more, there are many options for people who want to have a home in a new way, without the hassles of buying and selling a house. A lot of these communities are being designed with a focus on sustainability.

People are getting fed up with generic housing developments that don’t care about their residents and instead aim to turn a profit. You should look for housing projects like Blue World City and Qurtaba City that give a more personalized, unique experience.

Riverside Development

This upcoming riverside development is going to add much value to the whole project and Developers want to create an affordable housing complex that is going to be a world-class living place for the middle class at reasonable rates.

Designated Shopping Area Reserved For Women

A special shopping zone of 70 Kanal has been designed for women so they can shop for their favorite items without any problems or obstacles.

In this special shopping zone, women will be able to find various products related to fashion, beauty, and hygiene. There will be a large selection of brands, styles, and colors.

Variety of Plot Sizes

Society’s residential and commercial zone plots are of various sizes that help its potential buyers to choose from a wide range of plots to their liking.

Affordable and Good Return on Investment

With low or no income, you can invest in the housing scheme and get a good return on your investment. It is offering reasonable prices for houses in the city.

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of Qurtaba city are given below:

  • Pros

  • Total Land is Acquired

  • All permissions granted
  • Access Road Construction has been completed
  • The society is located Near Airport
  • Offering affordable prices and low income houses
  • Easy Installment Plan is available
  • Fast-paced development work
  • Good Return on Investment
  • RDA-approved, with all requisite NOCs

  • Construction is still ongoing on the main gate
  • Slow Commercial Activity
  • A lot of Un-Utilized Area

FAQs Qurtaba City

Q 1- Who is the owner of Qurtaba City?

Madinatul-Ilm is the owner of this unique housing society. 

Q 2- Where is the housing society situated?

The society is situated on the Chakri interchange near the Potohar Valley and is only 25 minutes away from Islamabad International.

 The Society has already set itself up as a model for a community of its kind in Pakistan, providing a community space where people can come together, share ideas and opinions and enjoy themselves.

Q3- Is the Qurtaba City has NOC?

A-The No Objection Certificate of Qurtaba City housing project is approved under registration no. NOC/TMO/105.

Q 4- Why Qurtaba City is the best investment option?

A- Quartaba City is a master-planned housing project based on Islamic values and ideologies. With natural scenic views, this apartment house provides basic and comfortable amenities.

The commercial and residential developments in the area provide a lot of potential opportunities for real estate investors and homeowners. The prices are extremely affordable and there’s an easy installment plan. The bookings are open, and anyone from any religion, race, gender, or color can apply to join this amazing project.

Q5- What are the sizes of commercial and residential plots in Qurtaba City?

A- Residential and commercial plots are available in Qurtaba City. There are 136,272 and 500 Sq. Yards capacities.

Q6- Is Qurtaba City different from other housing societies in the region?

A- Due to its location, and its proximity to Islamabad, Islamabad, and Ternol, this society is considered to be a highly sought-after community. Having been situated near the motorway, it allows its residents to be able to drive to where ever they want to go.

Women have a special area of the store set aside for them. It’s a new idea in a society where traditionally only men are considered customers.

Since this store will be located in a building where only women are allowed, the female residents will be able to take advantage of a more comfortable shopping experience.

Beyond the housing project, the riverside development, and the Qurtaba international university project, this neighborhood offers great opportunities and bright futures to its residents.

If you want to know more about such housing societies then please read about


Qurtaba City is very affordable and allows you to take up land on a simple payment plan. The middle class and below are the best people to invest in as it offers them everything from modern amenities to financial stability.

This project will be beneficial for society as it is intended to bring in practical Islamic values and make it an ideal place to live in. It will provide an advanced way of living, thus making it suitable housing for raising a family.

You don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a flat in Qurtaba City. The plots are extremely affordable, and the installments are relatively easier. The site is expected to be completed within four years.

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