Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is the only integrated township developed in Lahore that offers luxury homes and serviced apartments with all modern amenities.

The expansion of the urban landscape of Punjab’s provincial capital has led to the creation of a new urban development project called Lahore Smart City. The area will become a hot spot for the high-tech industry because of the construction progress. The most accessible residential area in Lahore is the Lahore Smart City, which has access to 5 major link roads.

Lahore Smart City is the first smart city in Pakistan and will be the best example of Smart City’s vision. It will provide the city with complete facilities, better services, and quality living conditions.

Habib Rafique is developing the mega project. Future Development Holdings and HRL are subsidiaries of a company. FDH is known as FDH. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has approved the NOC of Lahore Smart City.

All the lands required for the 132KV power plant have been acquired. It has been approved for direct access from the railway underpass. Three thousand feet in length and 150 feet wide is the width of Main Boulevard, which is being completed at a fast pace in the housing society.

Lahore Smart City has already been launched, and the construction progress is at its fastest pace. This new concept will make your home intelligent, beautiful, and eco-friendly.

Lahore Smart City’s residential venture is expected to be worth more than a billion dollars. Around 20,000 Kanals of land was acquired near the Lahore Bypass and is being developed in a streamlined way.

Lahore Smart City Owners & Developers

Lahore Smart City is an ambitious housing project that aims to establish a city where the future of its residents is protected from terrorism and crime. It is a joint project of Future Development Holdings Pvt. Ltd (FDH) and Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd (HRL). Both these companies have spent considerable money to construct this magnificent housing project. LSC has been designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide the residents with a pleasant environment that is free of any kind of pollution and crime.

This blend of high standards at low prices was introduced in Capital Smart City Islamabad and now in Lahore Smart City. After the announcement of Lahore Smart City, investors are excited. As a result, many people are interested in investing in Smart City.

HRL and FDH are two reputed names in the real estate industry in Pakistan. They have been awarded best housing society in the country, besides winning various awards like Pakistan’s best housing society, Best residential complex, and so on. In Pakistan, these two companies are highly admired, providing world-class amenities with a sense of comfort.

This is the second project in Pakistan’s real estate district to feature modern architecture. The developers will create housing societies with the finest amenities for the citizens of this city.

Surbana Jurong (SJ)

SJ is a top leading real estate consulting company in Asia. The Singapore Government manages it. The company’s vision is to develop a smart city’s physical and cultural landscape.

Surbana Jurong (SJ)


SJ is the master planner of LSC. Its mission is to provide sustainable, high-quality real estate solutions and services to contribute to developing an innovative and liveable city, which is the nation’s heartland. This company was established in 2015 and owns more than 30 years of experience in this industry. SJ offers the services of master planning, infrastructure design, consultancy, construction management, finance, and property development. SJ is the leader in the market for property development.

Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. (HRL)

HRL was established due to the vision to have a successful business model in the real estate industry. The company has achieved this feat through its innovative ideas and exceptional management. As a result, HRL is a complete solution for all your real estate needs.


Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. (HRL)

Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (FDH)

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited is the developer of Lahore’s Smart City housing society.

FDHL is an outstanding property developer and asset management business that assists in producing satisfying smart, luxurious cities, providing lavish upscale houses and enjoyable and inventive consultancy to its customers.

FDHL was first registered in 1984 under the Companies Ordinance. This business enterprise was generated by multiple National and small international organizations.

A combination of two organizations, China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.)Limited. The two primary business partners have experience in both technical skills and leadership.


Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (FDH)

Design Consultants of Lahore Smart City

The are some other consultants are involved in developing  Lahore Smart City:

  • Cracknell
  • Surbana Jurong Company
  • Harradine Golf
  • Troon Golf
  • DSA Architects International Company
  • Arquivio Architects
  • Smart Future
  • Design Men Consulting Engineers

Lahore Smart City Location

The location of Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots is ideal because they are close to the N-5 National Highway, Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station, and the Lahore Bypass. In addition, GT Road, M2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, and Lahore-Sialkot Motorway provide easy access to the project’s prime location.


Lahore Smart City Location

It will be possible to get to it from the Lahore Ring Road. In a few minutes, you can connect the Lahore Smart City housing society with the rest of the city.

Lahore Smart City is located a little outside central Lahore city. Due to the rush and hustle of the city, the developers decided to make the housing society at a distance of 5-10 km. It is one of the latest and upcoming housing societies in Lahore. It is designed to make its residents feel like they live in their private villas.


Lahore Smart City Location

The new campus of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) is located on the western side of the Lahore Smart City, and it’s a 5-minute drive from there. One of the most refined housing societies is DHA Lahore and Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport. It’s easily accessible in just  18 minute’s drive.

Nearby, is the main head office of the Capital Smart City Lahore housing society.

Smart City Lahore Accessibility

Lahore Smart City’s location map is easy to follow.



Smart City Lahore Accessibility

The Lahore Smart City directions are easily accessible as follows:

  • Located at Lahore Bypass
  • Almost 4 min drive away from GT Road
  • Nearly 5 min go away from M-2 Motorway
  • Almost 10 min go away from M-11 Motorway
  • Almost 11 min drive away from Lahore-Sargodha Road
  • Almost 22 min drive away from Lahore Ring Road L-20
  • Almost 8 min go away from Hardosohal Muslim Road
  • Nearly 5 min go away from Kala Khatie Narang Mandi Road, Balkhay Sheikhupura

Smart City Lahore Nearby Landmarks and Places

Several nearby landmarks & places surround the housing society:

  • UET New Campus
  • Kala Shah Kaku
  • Rana Town
  • Ferozwala
  • Shahdara
  • Tomb of Jahangir
  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station

Master Plan of Lahore Smart City

We have no specifics about the housing society’s master plan, how it will function, or what its facilities will be. However, from time to time, We will continually be updating the information revealed by the developers.

Lahore Smart City has officially been launched, offering a wide range of commercial and residential plots. However, at the moment, you’ll find few properties available.

Lahore Smart City will build a general residential block, overseas block, financial district, education district, health district, silicon valley, sports district, and executive block, same as Islamabad Smart City.

Overseas Pakistanis are only eligible for reserving plots in the overseas area, but residents can apply for reservations in Executive Block and Residential Block. This is another step towards the creation of the new city. The project’s first phase will consist of the construction of the Overseas Block.

These new areas will be developed with the use of smart city technologies and the most advanced smart city design concepts. These developments will provide world-class services to the people living in the society.

Lahore Smart City Residential Plots

Lahore Smart City has the following residential plot sizes in the Executive Block and Overseas Block:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots

Lahore Smart City has the following residential plot sizes in the Executive Block and Overseas Block:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Districts of Lahore Smart City

Following are the districts of Lahore Smart City :

General Block Lahore Smart City

A new residential area will be built, which will be called General Block. It will comprise residential plots. This development will include commercial and residential projects. Middle-class families will also get a chance to buy residential properties and flats at a meager price. In addition, there will be mosques, shops, banks, schools, colleges, hospitals, and many other things.

Overseas Block Lahore Smart City

The housing society has a residential block called the Overseas Block. There are two types of residential plots: residential plots and residential villas. People moving abroad, either permanently or temporarily, are eligible for housing in the Overseas Block.

An overseas block is the second most expensive residential block. The overseas partnerships offer spacious plots, houses, ample greenery, high-quality infrastructure, and a friendly environment. Moreover, overseas people can easily commute to different parts of Lahore and other cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, etc., for education, work, shopping, and other daily needs.


Overseas Block Lahore Smart City

Executive Block Lahore Smart City

This block of housing society will be the first block of the Lahore Smart City and is one of the first five blocks allotted to residents of the Lahore Smart City. This is the first of many residential developments in the Lahore Smart City. Each block will have different amenities such as retail shops, a community center, parks, a mosque, playgrounds, and more.


Executive Block Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City Farmhouses

LSC provides farmhouses of all sizes, including those for sale for vacation or permanent residence:

  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The farmhouses can be used for several reasons, including farming, pet-keeping, parties, get-togethers, family gatherings, or for the sole purpose of having a peaceful time with family.

Health Care District

This is an important area in this district, and there will be a hospital with 500 beds that will have all the facilities related to health care and trained doctors. In addition, food shops and retail outlets will be provided in this district, as well as residential plots, villas, and commercial areas.


Health Care District

Sports District

A sports district will be developed on the LSC Sports Park land. The district is designed with a mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment options. There will be a cricket stadium, football stadium, a badminton court, and a sports complex. The district will also feature residential plots, villas, and shopping and eating options.


Sports District

Silicon Valley

In Lahore Smart City, we are building a city with all the modern facilities and convenience. With the help of the latest technology, our city will provide all the facilities. This block will offer corporate offices, IT and software houses, warehouses, technology operational offices, retail offices, and customer care centers. Other than these offices, it will also have residential and commercial plots. A mosque and many other shops will be built to perform religion.


Silicon Valley

Education District

This block will contain many schools and colleges and also universities. The blocks’ schools will give better education to the people living here. So it will increase the standard of living of residents. People living in these blocks will be fortunate because it would be a few minutes walking distance from the schools, colleges, and the university.


Education District

Gate Precinct

After the front gate of the housing society, there’s a small block with a number. The Lahore Smart City Office will be present in the Services Office of the Lahore Smart City. The four star hotels, three star hotels, and villas will be built in this area. Residential houses and apartments will be built around them. This block will also construct shopping centers, food courts, grocery stores, and mosques.

Commercial District

A smart city is the commercial area of Lahore Smart City. It includes offices, banks, conference halls, hospitals, retail offices, 5-star boutique hotels, exhibition halls, residential apartments and shops for daily used products. The commercial area of Lahore Smart City will be constructed at Marla Avenue in Lahore.

Payment Plans of Lahore Smart City

You will get the best investment opportunity if you invest in Lahore Smart City. It is the most profitable investment as well as a great business opportunity. The company has taken huge measures for the development of this city. It will also provide you with a better living standard than ever. You can make your dreams come true by investing in Lahore Smart City.

Residential Plots

DimensionsPlot SizeExecutive Blocks Plot ValueOverseas Block Plot ValueR/P/MS FeeNo. of Installment
125 Sq. Yds5 Marla2,685,0002,845,00012,00014
175 Sq. Yd7 Marla3,490,0003,700,00015,00014
250 Sq. Yds10 Marla4,945,0005,325,00015,00014
300 Sq. Yds12 Marla5,425,0005,750,00015,00014
500 Sq. Yds1 Kanal8,050,0008,490,00015,00014

Executive Block 

Installment Details05 Marla07 Marla494,50012 Marla1 Kanal
Booking (20 D.P)268,500349,000494,500525,500805,500
1st Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
2nd Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
3rd Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
4th Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
5th Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
6th Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
7th Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
8th Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
9th Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
10th Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
11th Quarter179,000232,700329,700361,700536,700
12th Quarter179,000232,300329,300361,300536,300
Total PKR2,685,0003,490,0004,945,0005,425,0008,050,000

Overseas Block

Installment Details05 Marla07 Marla10 Marla12 Marla1 Kanal
Booking (20 D.P)284,500370,000532,500575,000849,000
1st Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
2nd Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
3rd Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
4th Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
5th Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
6th Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
7th Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
8th Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
9th Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
10th Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
11th Quarter189,700246,700355,000383,350566,000
12th Quarter189,300246,300355,000383,150566,000
Total PKR2,845,0003,700,0005,325,0005,425,0008,490,000

There are some restrictions regarding the payment plans for Lahore Smart City. For example, only a 10% down payment is offered on the booking of plots, and 10 percent confirmation charges should also be paid after two months.

Besides this, the rest of the plot’s cost will be paid in the next 3 years in easy and affordable fourteen equal quarterly installments.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan Residential Plots

Confirmation charges are payable 60 days after the initial 10% down payment is paid. The remaining amount will be paid in 14 equal quarterly installments over the next 3 years.

Executive Block of Lahore Smart City

  • 5 Marla Plot is in Rs. 2,375,000
  • 7 Marla plot is in Rs. 2,820,000
  • 10 Marla Plot is in Rs. 4,350,000
  • 12 Marla Plot is in Rs. 4,380,000
  • 1 Kanal Plot is in Rs. 7,125,000

Overseas Block of Lahore Smart City

  • 5 Marla Plot is in Rs. 2,500,000
  • 10 Marla Plot is in Rs. 4,480,000
  • 1 Kanal Plot is in Rs. 7,260,000


Lahore Smart City 3 Years Installment Plan Residential Plots

The management of Lahore Smart City has planned an easy three-year installment schedule for all available plots at a 20% discount.

After every three months, you will pay 14 quarterly installments for Executive and Overseas Blocks.

The total price of 7 Marla plot in Executive Block is Rs. 2,820,000/- and in Overseas Block is Rs. 2,975,000/- The total price of 12 Marla Plot in Executive Block is Rs. 4,380,000/- and in Overseas Block is Rs. 4,500,000/-

  • 10% additional cost on specific plots like main road plots, corner-facing plots, and park-facing plots. These charges are applied on 50 to 99-foot wide main boulevards.
  • It costs 15% more if you’re booking a plot on the main boulevard of 100 feet and a 10 percent rebate on full payment
  • 5 percent rebate on full payment
  • Fifteen thousand rupees are charges for reservation fees for booking above 5 Marla plots.

Important Note

Your plot will not include development charges. However, further charges will apply when you own your properties.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan Commercial Plots

Costs of available commercial plots in overseas and executive blocks:

Executive Block

  • 4 Marla is offered for Rs. 8,950,000
  • 8 Marla is offered Rs. 17,450,000

Overseas Block

  • 4 Marla is offered for Rs. 9,450,000
  • 8 Marla is offered for Rs. 17,950,000

Lahore Smart City 3 Years Payment Plan for Commercial Plots

In 4 Marla, plot prices are provided in three yearly payments with a 14-month repayment period. Save 10% on lump-sum payments and save 5% on down payments. Get a 5% rebate on 50% payment of the plot price. This property has been constructed for sale in the last 3 months, and the price includes all applicable taxes. It’s measured at 100 square meters.

The 8 Marla plot rates are offered in 3 years and 12 monthly installments. With its affordable prices and unique rebate schemes, you could save 10% on lump sum payments and save 5% on down payments. The price is inclusive of the development costs.

How to Book a Plot in Lahore Smart City?

following is the process for reserving a residential plot at Lahore Smart City:

  • A payment order for a down payment in favor of “Lahore Smart City.”
  • Download, print, and fill out the application form
  • Show original documents for verification
  • Submit the files and other relevant documents for verification


Your document will be ready within 30 days and sent to your mailing address.

Required Documents for Booking Plots

The following documents  are needed to book a plot in Lahore Smart City:

  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • 2 Photocopies of your NICOP
  • 2 Photocopies of your next Kin/ Nominee ID Card
  • Booking amount of the plot
  • Booking form

You’ll need further proof or documentation of citizenship or residence outside the country if you want to book a plot in the Overseas Block.

For example, a copy of an official document, such as a residence permit, driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport.

Features that make “Lahore Smart City” a Smart City

There are many features that will make Capital Smart City Lahore the smart city.

Smart Economy, Smart Housing, Smart Environment

Capital Smart City Lahore is one of the best examples of urban planning and sustainable development. It will be a model for future smart cities. It will be located on the site of the city of Lahore in Pakistan’s largest province of Punjab and will be built in the center of the city. The project’s objective is to create a place of peace and beauty, where people and nature coexist.

Inclusive and Technology-Driven Development Plan

Lahore Smart City (LSC) has been created as a solution for the city. It is an initiative to provide better service to the people of Lahore. LSC will integrate all existing resources and data to develop Lahore and solve its problems. Its mission is to provide all services in the city through high-tech infrastructure using data analytics, digitalization, and technology to improve the quality of life and empower citizens. Society may include access to 24 hours electricity, low-cost houses, education, health-care services, and connectivity with everyone.

Job and Career Prospects

The housing society will alleviate its residents by turning it into a great job center in your city. In addition, it will bring international investors and businesses to invest in your residential property. Q: Does it exist any better solution for this problem?

Capital Smart City Lahore provides excellent business opportunities for many businesses, leading to Pakistan’s financial requirements.

Comfortable and Quality Living

It is a living community where you can easily make friends and build lifelong relationships. The apartments are well ventilated with large balconies and open spaces and offer a pleasant outlook and fresh air. We aim to improve the quality of life for residents by promoting the welfare of our members.

We aim to build better communities and to make the housing society we work for a better place to live.

Higher Freedom and luxurious Life

The urban community needs to get around without relying on private automobiles. This is especially true for the elderly who might not drive or can no longer drive because of health concerns. These citizens should not have to rely on the bus or foot to go from one place to another.

Urban freedom will likely improve in the next couple of years as solutions like smart parking, intelligent traffic management, and integrated multi-modal transport are adopted more widely.

Quicker & More Livable Neighborhoods

Lahore Smart City Authority is working on upgrading the city. They are making it better with new projects. Lahore Smart City Authority is focusing on areas that are badly planned. They are making sure residents have a good life.

There will be provision for better education, housing, employment opportunities and commercial establishments at the new design areas. These areas will become safe and peaceful for residents in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Lahore Smart City is also considering establishing more parks and green spaces throughout the city.

Safety and Security

You should take video surveillance seriously, and use it to monitor and control criminal actions. In addition, society should take security measures to ensure the safety of the residents.

Video surveillance has been around for many years, and it’s now been taken one step further with video analytics, which helps police departments get better insight into what’s happening in the area they are watching.

Sustainability in Society Development

The development is going on at a fast pace, and the residential society is keeping up with the changes in the market. With a lot of work on the part of the builders, the residential society has been developed much faster than the market. This is being done for the benefit of the residents.

Building and Infrastructure

The city’s objective is to provide a safe and convenient living environment to its residents with the introduction of new transportation and a Sustainable Transport System that is a comprehensive plan and includes policies, procedures, and practices related to transportation. In addition, it promotes public health by improving access to services and products.

Salient Features and Amenities of Lahore Smart City

The Lahore smart city has not yet revealed the facilities that will install there.

However, they’ve said that the facilities will be similar to or maybe more advanced than those of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Lahore is one of the most planned and fastest-growing cities in Pakistan. This project will be carried out with the latest technologies and will create a new model for cities and societies.

Below are some salient features of the housing society:

  • Eco-friendly city
  • Higher level of security
  • Green and sterile surroundings
  • Metrobus system
  • Underground electricity
  • 24/7 supply of water, gas, and power
  • Smart programs and applications include locating visitors, weather forecasts, power, and the internet.
  • Number of world-class hotels, shopping facilities,
  • Sports complexes, community clubs, and nightclubs
  • The Smart and contemporary house facility program
  • Top-Notch infrastructure
  • Special overseas block
  • Jamia and sector mosque
  • Parks and beautiful lakes
  • Recreational use of empty places
  • Golf-course and horse-riding club
  • Resorts and restaurants
  • The designated road from Lahore to Islamabad (M-2)
  • Proximity to significant areas of Lahore

Perks of Investing in Capital Smart City Lahore

Lahore Smart City is built on the same developers’ footprint as the capital city. That’s why this project is promising concerning the high profits. Society is going to be very helpful for the future, and it will cover many future possibilities.  It will include technological innovations to create a more sustainable and efficient urban environment.

Lahore Smart City will be one of the most significant development projects in the country. A famous company has developed it. Around 2000 apartment complexes in Lahore will provide world-class facilities to the residents of Lahore. The project’s developers have focused on luxurious housing apartments and other necessities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.

The most talked-about Lahore Smart City commercial plot of 4 and 8 Marla has been launched for a limited time with affordable prices and installment options.

If you’re interested in the recent updates from Lahore Smart City, you can stay in touch with The Realtor. But, on the other hand, if you want to know more about us, then contact us immediately and make the most of our discount coupons.

You can currently book only for a residential plot. Get your booking of land early because only a limited number of properties are available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q 1. What is Lahore Smart City?

Lahore Smart City is a new housing society with world-class facilities. The property prices are very affordable, and the facility management is excellent. Lahore Smart City is a housing society that will be the first smart housing society in Lahore. The residential and commercial plots are available at attractive prices.

Q 2. Is it similar to Capital Smart City Islamabad?

Lahore Smart City will include the same facilities as the Capital Smart City in Islamabad. It will be a world class city in the near future. It will feature some of the most modern and innovative features.

Q 3. Who will develop the Lahore Smart City?

The developers of Lahore Smart City are Future Developments Holding Limited (FDH) and Habib Rafique Private Limited. In addition, they are also the developers of Capital Smart City (CSC) Islamabad.

Q 4. Where is Lahore Smart City situated?

A residential area of the society that’s located near the Lahore bypass can be accessed through Lahore Ring Road and GT Road Lahore.

Q 5. What size of commercial plots is available in the housing society?

LSC offers commercial plots with dimensions of 4 and 8 Marla at very low prices.

Q 6. What is the status of the legal NOC of the housing society?

Lahore Smart City has acquired the NOC from Lahore Development Authority.

Lahore Smart City is a complete solution for Lahore’s growing demands for high-quality infrastructure services and infrastructure development at affordable prices with world-class technology. The smart city has acquired a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Lahore Development Authority.

Q 7. Is the housing society launched yet?

Yes, Lahore Smart City is an innovative city initiative launched. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has been entrusted with implementing the project.

Q 9. What is the rate of plots in Lahore Smart City?

If you want a plot in Lahore city, you can easily buy it in installments. The prices are given in the article. You can make payment at the time of booking your plot.

If you want to know more about other profitable real estate projects, please read about


A city with modern amenities, facilities, and infrastructure is the dream of every Pakistani. However, to make this dream come true, we must change our lifestyle and embrace new ways of life.

The Lahore Smart City is such a city where everything is brilliant. We are bringing the idea of a smart city. The Lahore Smart City is one of the most progressive and up-to-date projects in Lahore, which will be one of the city’s most prestigious and highly sought-after areas. Its residents will have access to all of the services that modern society has to offer. The Lahore Smart City will give its residents the best amenities and facilities.

Lahore Smart City is one of the most intelligent cities in the world due to its well-designed plans and infrastructure.

Many people are interested in buying and investing in a housing society. They are very excited about this new society, which they have never heard of before.

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