DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is the best housing society in Pakistan and is well developed. It is the first project started by Defense Housing Authorities in 1976. DHA Lahore is located far from the busy Lahore city.

DHA Lahore is certainly renowned for its rich and luxurious living style. It is located near Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore. Lahore DHA has commercial and residential plots for those looking for property investment.

Lahore is one of the region’s most populated and oldest cities. This is the main trading hub of Pakistan. There are certainly a lot of opportunities for Lahore residents. However, there is also a lot of pollution, traffic, and noise in Lahore city and near areas.

One of the most important problems DHA Lahore solves for its citizens is pollution. This city is built in a far-away location so that it is far away from pollution and traffic but is near to shopping, malls, and job opportunities.

DHA Lahore aims to provide an environment of a green, clean and modern atmosphere, modern and state-of-the-art living, entertainment, and all other facilities.

About DHA housing societies

The DHA housing society has been one of the strongest and most reliable housing societies. The DHA Group’s first project was DHA Lahore, which is going successfully. The first project of the DHA housing society was launched in 1976.

It is good news that DHA has a number of successful and successfully operating projects in many major cities across Pakistan. It was mostly started in Lahore for armed forces. DHA Housing Society is a development for defense forces only but now it is open to the public.

Developers and owners of DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is a housing society that’s managed by the Defense Housing Authority. It therefore clearly comes under the armed forces. We’ve got a group of senior army officers running the development project.

Developers and owners of DHA Lahore

  • The Head of the society is Lieutenant General (Retired) Ikram ul Haq, HI(M), who is Secretary of Defence, Ministry of Defense, Government of Pakistan.
  • The commander of the 4 Corps is Lieutenant General Majid Ehsan.
  • Project managers are Brigadier Waheed Gul Satti and Colonel (Retired) Sajid Javed, (Retired) Brigadier Ahmad. Nawabzada Babar Saleem Haider.

Location of DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is the developed city of the Lahore region. There are many phases in this facility, to accommodate the valued clients and to provide state-of-the-art facilities for residents. DHA Lahore is widely spread around the Lahore ring road. The DHA housing society is reached from Shabbir Shaheed road and Lahore Ring Road.


Location of DHA Lahore

Nearby housing societies

DHA Lahore is the best place to live. It’s an urban residential area that’s away from the hustle and bustle of inner Lahore. That’s why it gives you a soothing and clean breath. The following are the main housing societies and colonies near the DHA Lahore.

  • Saqib Town
  • Sultan Colony
  • Formanites Housing Society
  • Gulshan Colony
  • Askari 11
  • Eden city
  • Paragon city
  • Green city

Nearby major points

  • Lahore’s biggest mall package is reachable from every part of DHA Lahore. The average distance between phases during the final kilometers in a race.
  • LUMS University is surrounded by DHA Lahore Phases. The average distance for most races is 5 kilometers.
  • Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport is just 15 min away from DHA Lahore.
  • Lahore Cantt railway and fortress mall are located 20 minutes drive from the DHA Lahore.

Masterplan of DHA Lahore

Masterplan of DHA Lahore

There are total 11 phases in DHA Lahore. The following are their names:

  • Phase1,
  • Phase 2,
  • Phase 3,
  • Phase 4,
  • Phase 5,
  • Phase 6,
  • Phase 7,
  • CBW Phase 8,
  • EX AA phase 8,
  • EX PV Phase 8,
  • Phase 9 Town,
  • Phase 9 PRISM,
  • Phase 11 RAHBAR,
  • Phase 12 EME

Masterplan of DHA Lahore

These phases are further divided into many sectors.

The master plan of DHA Lahore Society Phase 7 is developed separately, because as previously only one phase was completed but then due to the popularity of the society, they slowly built many other numbers of phases. Master Plan of Phases for DHA Development has been divided into several stages, which include pre-development, construction, post-development, and after-development phases.

The housing society offers many kinds of residential plots, and commercial plots as well.

Here are the sizes which are available:

Sizes of residential plots

  • 5 Marla plot with dimensions 25 X 45 Square Feet
  • 7 Marla plot with dimensions 30 X 52 Square Feet
  • 8 Marla plot with dimensions 30 X 60 Square Feet
  • 10 Marla plot with dimensions 35 X 65 Square Feet
  • 1 Kanal plot with dimensions 50 X 90 Square Feet
  • 2 Kanal plot with dimensions 75 X 120 Square Feet

Size of commercial plots:

  • 4 Marla plot with dimensions 30 × 30 Square Feet
  • 8 Marla plot with dimensions 30 × 60 Square Feet

DHA Lahore phase 1 to DHA Lahore phase 4

Each of the four stages of the DHA Phase, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are fully developed DHA Lahore phases. As the name suggests, the initial and old phases of the development are located in Lahore, Pakistan. While these early phases have good leverages and facilities, they are at a premium, compared to the newer phases of DHA Lahore.

Phase 1, 2, 3, and 4 Lahore plots are not available in installments and payment plans. Reselling of plots and houses is still in demand. Possession of land is immediate in paying all the dues.

Roads and streets are at least 40 feet wide. In the different phases, developers have installed their own electrical systems, so that there would be no load shedding. Electricity cable is used over the ceiling of the buildings in DHA Phase 1 to 4.

This is an ideal location for anyone who needs to make the most of their work-life balance. Each sector of DHA has its own Jamia Masjid and parks with playgrounds and jogging tracks.

National and international brands, restaurants, bars, cafes, banks, hypermarts, spas, and salons are located in every phase of DHA Lahore.

Location of DHA Lahore phases 1, 2, 3, 4

DHA Phase 1 has a prime location in Lahore. It is connected to many major areas of Lahore, including Defence Chowk, RABazar, Jinnah Flyover, Nishat Colony, etc. IT also serves as the connected area to other initial Phases of DHA Lahore for example DHA Phase 2, DHA Phase 3, and DHA Phase 5.

Phase II of the project starts from Ghazi Road (also called Airport Road). The Main Boulevard of DHA Lahore also touches DHA Lahore Phase 2.

DHA Phase 3 is located at the site, which is accessible from two main boulevards of Lahore, Walton Road, and Ferozpur Road Lahore.

DHA Phase 4 is directly accessible from Defense Road, Ring Road Lahore, and DHA Phase 5.

Sectors of DHA phases 1, 2, 3, 4

DHA Phase 1 has 14 sectors named as sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D, sector E, sector F, sector G, sector H, sector J, sector K, sector L, sector M, sector N, and sector P which are completely developed.

DHA Phase 2 has 6 sectors named sector Q, sector R, sector S, sector T, sector U, sector V

DHA Phase 3 has 5 sectors named sector W, sector X, sector k XX, sector Y, and sector Z.

Sectors of DHA phases 1, 2, 3, 4

DHA Phase 4 has 9 sectors named sector AA, sector BB, sector CC, sector DD, sector EE, sector FF, sector GG, sector HH, and sector JJ.

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 1

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 1

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 2

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 2

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 3

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 3

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 4

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 4

Famous points of DHA Lahore phase 1, 2, 3, 4.

National Hospital Lahore is located in sector N of DHA phase 1 of Lahore. DHA Lahore Phase 1 is popular because it has a nice mix of older and new shopping markets in Sectors H and F.

The commercial needs of Phase 2 can be met by the famous markets of CCA T Block and Hailey Tower at Lalak Jan Chowk.

With a wide range of branded and retail outlets, Lahore’s DHA sector Y and sector Z are well known for their rich retailing options.  The Old DHA Co. Office was located in the Y-Commercial area in Phase III.

DHA Lahore Phase 5

DHA Lahore Phase V is the latest phase of DHA Lahore. It includes the latest technologies and services. Underground electricity phase 5 is the first phase to have an underground electrical system for the provision of power.

DHA Lahore Phase 5

DHA phase 5 is the most expensive residential phase on DHA Lahore even though it comes on the list of expensive societies in Lahore. This property is located at a prime location, which makes it suitable for all types of businesses and individuals.

Location of DHA Lahore phase 5

Next to the phase 5 phase are the other two phases: Phase 3 and Phase 4. The LUMS is located on the northern side of the building. The Bedian Road is located on the eastern side of Phase 5 while the Lahore Ring Road is located on the south side of Phase 5.

Since its prime location, having direct access from Lahore Ring Road, Nawaz Shareef Interchange and Bedian Road makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to live or start a business in this area.

Sectors of DHA Lahore phase 5

The numbers of sectors in this phase are called sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D, sector E, sector F, sector G, sector H, sector J, sector K, and sector M.

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 5

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 5

Services of DHA Lahore phase 5

  • A large area of land with at least 50 feet wide boulevards is used for the construction of Phase 5 and its total area is 12000 Kanals.
  • DHA Phase 5 is the most important commercial market in DHA Lahore. It is one of the largest markets in Pakistan with solid shops of different types.
  • Penta Square is the central business district of Phase 5 in the Central Business Districts Improvement Zone. It’s a luxury project. It’s full of modern developments, comfy apartments, and a modern shopping mall.

DHA Lahore Phase 6

This is another interesting phase of DHA in Lahore that is themed on the popularity of amenities provided by phase 5.

The new main headquarters of DHA Lahore is moved from sector C to sector A of DHA Lahore Phase 6. The most interesting thing about DHA Lahore phase 6 is the amenities and services available. It has the same amenities and services as phase 5 but it is less expensive.

DHA Lahore phase 6 is affordable and elegant. It’s an ideal blend of affordability and elegance, which makes it famous. It’s easily accessible for, all parts of Lahore. It comes in the fully developed sectors of the District Government Housing Society In this phase all services are readily available. It’s like the middle phase of the Lahore DHA housing society.

Phase 6 of DHA Lahore is the first section of DHA Lahore to be built. It is near the center of the city and is considered a landmark of the city.

The DHA housing society has many stunning phases that are filled with artistic creations, such as statues, architectural sculptures, and beautiful hawks, so that folks can be impressed and feel good about the whole DHA Lahore housing society.

Location of DHA Lahore phase 6

DHA Lahore Phase 6 is located adjacent to Nawaz Sharif Interchange. There are two entrances, one at Ring road Lahore and another one on Bakri road.

It’s located opposite DHA Lahore Phase 5. It can reach other phases of DHA Lahore.  It’s the nearest phase of DHA Lahore to Allama Iqbal Airport, Lahore.

DHA Lahore Phase 7 is a good locality because it is just behind DHA Phase 6, which is a very good locality itself, and it is also just about 2 km from the Railway Station, the airport, and the National University of Modern Languages.

You can get to the south side of DHA by walking and it’s very close to a local market where you can find everything you need for daily life. This is proved that DHA phase 6 connects every phase of DHA Lahore with each other.

Sectors of DHA Lahore phase 6

Sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D, sector E, sector F, sector G, sector H, sector J, sector K, sector L, sector M, and sector N are some of the sectors included in phase 6.

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 6

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 6

Commercial sectors of DHA Lahore phase 6

DHA Lahore phase 6 has 3 commercial center areas that are located in different sectors of DHA Lahore phase 6 for the convenience of the residential people. These commercial areas are named as follows:

  • The commercial area is part of sector A. The main entrance of the housing society is near it.
  • The other one is CCA- 1. It Is located in sector c of Phase 6.
  • The last one is CCA- 2. It Is located in sector k of Phase 6.

Every location that offers commercial opportunities has multiple kinds of properties available for sale or lease. As you’re living inside the DHA or even if you’re an outsider, you can avail of many jobs and business opportunities at given CCAs.

The shopping centers in these communities have their own superstores and glossary stores. Clothing from the best shops is always popular among fashion-conscious customers. spas, gyms, banks, and many offices are also found in these commercial areas.

DHA Lahore Phase 7

DHA Lahore phase 7 is a wonder in the DHA housing society in Lahore. It’s one of DHA’s most outstanding phases of housing. It is located near DHA Lahore phase 6. It is almost 95% complete and possession of land is going on.

You can still avail of a chance to purchase a home in DHA Lahore at a very low price because the construction work is still in progress.

DHA Lahore Phase 7 has ownership of a total land area of about 32516 Kanals. You can still get your property at a low price because the development is in progress, and the number of people who are living in the house has been reduced.

Location of DHA Lahore phase 7

It is close to the ring road and BRB on Barki road, which is the location of phase 7. Ferozepur Road is a 20-minute drive from DHA phase 7. Allama Iqbal Airport road is 10 minutes from the housing society. The LUMS university is only 5 minutes away from the phase.

Sectors of DHA Lahore phase 7

Sector P, sector Q, sector R, sector S, sector T, sector U, sector V, sector W, sector X, sector Y, sector Z1, and sector Z2 are some of the sectors in phase 7.

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 7

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 7

Commercial areas of DHA Lahore Phase 7

DHA Lahore Phase 7 comprises four centrally located commercial areas that are meant to facilitate its residents.

The following areas are present in different sectors of DHA Phase 7.

  • CCA-1
  • CCA-2
  • CCA-3
  • CCA-4

CCA-1 Phase 7 Commercial area is located in sector Q.

CCA-2 Phase 7 Commercial area is located in sector Y.

CCA-3 Phase 7 Commercial area is located in sector z.

CCA-4 Phase 7 Commercial Plot Area is located near the main entrance of the phase at Barki road. Business hubs are important because they’re where society gathers to meet and interact. The main reason the villa is so expensive is because of the prime location.

These central commercial areas consist of bachat marts and shopping malls with offices and apartments on the top of the shopping centers. This is the best place for people who want to get a job that pays well without going through any extra hoops.

DHA Lahore Phase 8

DHA Lahore Phase 8 is one of the most demanded DHA phases for sale. People are buying this area due to its strategic location and premium facilities. This property is located in the heart of the city in the vicinity of some of the finest schools, hospitals, and government offices. 

DHA Phase 8 Lahore is one of the most desired housing developments in the Town. Most of the buyers who are interested in DHA wanted to buy land in phase eight because there are so many interesting options. It’s a good idea to invest in plots of land, as long as the prevailing market situation and the availability of land help make them more profitable. Investment in phase 8 is the best because of its superior location.

For those who are looking to buy a home in DHA Phase Eight, no matter how much the price of the property has risen, there is a chance that you will still get to make money. It will never be high enough to have a loss.

Location of DHA Lahore phase 8

DHA Phase 8 is in the area of Lahore around the Lahore Ring Road and Barki Road, Lahore. The easiest way to get there is to take Shabir Shareef Road (or a different way) A small corner of phase 8 also touches the street of Badian. On the left side of Phase 8, DHA Lahore is located, which is also equally luxurious.

There is a 10-minute drive from the housing society to the Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport. There is also a city called Paragon located near Lahore phase 8.

Sectors of DHA Lahore phase 8

The new housing project in DHA Lahore phase 8 has more modern amenities than any other old phase of the DHA Housing society.

This phase presents secure and safe living through closed town planning and any number of parks and playgrounds. DHA Lahore, Phase 8 is being built on a total area of 31238 Kanal land.


DHA Phase 8 consists of 8 main sectors. Developing a team to compete in the global market is different so that they can provide revolutionary, hi-class, and modern developing results in the phase.

These four areas of phase eight are named as

  • The Phase 8 Ex Park View is in Pakistan. The project is still under development. A total area of 5670 Kanals is included in it.
  • There is a Phase 8 Ex-air Avenue in the city. The project has been developed but is not in possession. A total area of 2440 Kanals is included in it.
  • There is a Phase 8 Proper in the city of Lahore. The project is underdeveloped and under possession. The land of 16635 Kanals is where it is located.
  • DHA Lahore Phase 8 Z Ivy green. The possession is not started yet but the project is already underdeveloped. It is spread over the land of more than 5330 Kanals.

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 8

Let us further discuss each sector of DHA Lahore Phase 8.

Many of the areas within these main sectors are further divided into many sub-areas, and each of these sub-areas comes under a different tag.  DHA Lahore phase 8 ex park view and DHA Lahore phase 8 ex-air avenue are not developed by the authorities so that’s why they are named “EX”. 

Sectors A to K can be found in sector Ex-Air Avenue and Sector L can be found in sector R. This is one of the reasons for the low prices of plots in this phase.

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 8

The commercial sector of DHA Lahore phase 8

Phase 8 of the DHA is one of the largest commercial districts in Lahore. It is covered over the area of the 1163 Kanals. They are as follows:

  • A Block Broadway commercial DHA Lahore phase 8 (BWA)
  • B Block Broadway commercial DHA Lahore phase 8 (BWB)
  • C Block Broadway commercial DHA Lahore phase 8 (BWC)
  • D Block Broadway commercial DHA Lahore phase 8 (BWD)
  • DHA Lahore Phase 8 Commercial CCA 1
  • DHA Lahore Phase 8 Commercial CCA 2

It’s the largest commercial district in all of DHA Lahore. It consists of many cooperate offices and a number of multi-national and national offices. Most people who work at companies above offices live in apartments or houses after their working hours.

These streets also have bachat malls and hypermarts. Shopping malls built in these streets have franchises of all local and international brands.

Well-planned, fully-completed CCA 1 and CCA 2 are also a hotbed of commercial investment in Lahore.

DHA Lahore phase 8 possession 

There is a possession in phase 8 S, T, U, V, W, and Y Blocks except X and Y. There was a ceremony for possession in the W block. The reason that the price is expected to go upwards is due to the fact that it is the biggest sign to buy a plot. We should buy plots in the Phase 8 X Block and the Y2 Block within the next 6 months. The phase 8 possessions were officially announced by the DHA Lahore.

DHA Lahore Phase 9

Phase 9 is the largest phase of DHA Lahore. This is a newly built project. Phase 9 of DHA will provide you with state-of-the-art facilities and a luxury life. It is located in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Phase 9 voting has already started and the construction of the house is underway in the phase.

DHA Lahore Phase 9 has different access roads. It is connected to Ferozpur Road, Lahore Ring Road, and Badian Road, DHA Lahore

The total land area of Phase 9 is over 40 thousand hectares. There are two main sections that are used for development purposes.

  • DHA 9 Town which is a small town spread over 4211 Kanals land
  • DHA 9 Prism is the biggest phase of DHA Lahore and is spread over a land of 37646 Kanals area.

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism

DHA Phase 9 is one of the finest residential development by DHA Group that has brought a revolution in the real estate industry of Lahore. The development consists of the best quality apartments, a huge park, beautiful landscaping, a lush green environment, ultra-modern amenities, and a lot of facilities. It is also one of the most architecturally and technologically advanced sectors in DHA Lahore. It is easy to access from every major point of Lahore, even if it is located at some distance from other sectors.

The total land covered by the 9th phase of the project is way more than in other phases. It was built on a large expanse of land. Every advanced and modern facility and technology will be provided to the residents by Phase 9.

Location of DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism

The region between Ferozpur road and Bedian road is where the DHA Lahore phase 9 prism is situated. There is a 10-minute drive from Allama Iqbal Airport to this location.

There is a housing society connected to phase 9 of the prism. The residential area of Lahore is surrounded by many other residential colonies. DHA Lahore has some of the most lavish houses in Pakistan.

Sectors of DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism

Sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D, sector E, sector F, sector G, sector H, sector J, sector K, sector L, sector M, and sector N, sector are some of the 16 sectors that make up the Phase 9.

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 9 prism

The completion of Lahore Development Authority’s project, which was delayed for more than a decade, will be completed before 2019. However, construction work on this mega project of 500 acres is still difficult, especially as it is under a complex structure. Despite that, we have good hope with developers as DHA is a well-known name.

Our perceptions say that the work and land possession of the DHA Lahore phase 9 prism is to be completed in 2021.

DHA Lahore phase 9 town

DHA Lahore Phase 9 is like a small village. Mostly it will provide residential plots.

The main themes of phases nine and ten towns are the provision of beautiful and peaceful colonies for families to live in areas without the stresses and dangers of the outside world, and the provision of a haven where families could enjoy. This project explores the idea that the future of towns in the 21st century will be defined by their ability to function as a community.

Children can play on the roads and grounds. Some towns are more welcoming to the entire family than others. This is a very friendly place for the whole family to live.

Main roads and streets are 30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft, and 120 ft wide. Since the population is mainly made up of serving and retired army officials, all plots of land are bought by them, making this a residential town.

Nowadays, DHA developers are trying to acquire more land for the town to build a living place for more army families. So in the future, we expect to have several new sectors.

Location of DHA Lahore phase 9 Town

The place where DHA Lahore phase 9 is located next to phase 9 Prism is called DHA Lahore phase 9 town. They are like neighbors. They share a wall. In the phase of the town, commercial services like grocery stores are available in the phase, as the population is less.

DHA Phase 9 Town is located on a primary road on Bedian Road. Three phases in Phase 9 are joined to Phase 9 Prism, Askari eleven, and Phase 6. The main entrance of the housing society is connected with the sectors of phases 6, D, and E sectors which are located on Bedian road.

This phase is close to Cantt railway station, and Allama Iqbal Airport, Lahore. Anyone can reach these points from the Bhatta Chowk to phase 9.

Sectors of DHA Lahore phase 9 Town

There are five sectors named sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D, and sector E in phase 9 of DHA Lahore town.

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 9 Town

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 9 Town

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town possession

DHA Lahore Phase 9 is a small town and is a new modern and urban project that has been developed by DHA Lahore. It is located in the heart of the city of Lahore. This project is a very well-developed and luxurious township project.

All of the sectors in Phase 9 were given possession of their assets except for the E sectors which are still being developed.

Plots in DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town have become very attractive among buyers for their low cost. However, this perk for society has turned out to be somewhat helpful. People are now able to use the nearby shopping malls without needing to live in an urban area.

This is because there is a less commercial area in the middle of the phase. The good thing about it is that the people have a peaceful environment to live in.

There are many great, affordable options out there that have attracted users and builders over the past couple of months.

DHA Lahore phase XII EME

DHA Lahore Phase 12 which is Ex DHA City Lahore is the latest chapter of the DHA Lahore. It is located on the northwest side of Lahore city. This is an all-new concept for a whole new breed of DHA and is based on the distance from the rest of the phases of DHA.

Phase 12 is a magnificent piece of land, which is spread across thousands of Kanal, and offered state-of-the-art amenities and advanced town planning.

An interesting theme of this area is the beautiful architecture and decor of the area. The apartments in the housing society are filled with luxury amenities that ensure security and peace of mind and enjoyment for their residents. They are designed in a way that they can be fitted to the environment.

Originally this phrase was planned in 2007 under the name of DHA city Lahore. It was a mutual venture of DHA EME Private Limited and Global Private Limited. But Late Globaco had failed to give positive results to DHA.

After this failure, the case was taken to court and NAB. DHA Lahore is the winner of the case and the judge’s final decision is that DHA Lahore has the right to acquire Phase 12

Location of DHA Lahore phase 12

Phase 12 DHA Lahore has established itself in a residential area that is totally located away from the rest of the city. It is located in a quiet area surrounded by many residential colonies like Abpara Housing Society, Muhfiz Town, and Judicial Housing Society. The main entrance of the DHA Lahore phase 12 is from Multan Road. This phase can also be accessed from block C road. By a distance of five minutes drive, there is a COMSATS University Lahore from the housing society.

Sectors of DHA Lahore phase 12

Sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D, sector E, sector F, and sector G are some of the sectors included in phase 12. The construction theme is completely different in this DHA Lahore phase 12 because the developers are entirely different.

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 12 EME

The master plan of DHA Lahore phase 12 EME

DHA Rahbar Lahore

DHA Rahbar Lahore is one of the most sought-after residential communities in Pakistan. It is another phase of the Defence Housing Authority Lahore. It is situated in the southern area of the main ​​Lahore city. It has all the amenities of modern living with a unique blend of old-world charm. The location of the phase is in the midst of lush green fields with the soothing sound of water. This is a perfect place for people who are looking for a beautiful home in Lahore that has everything you need at a single address.

DHA Rahbar aims to deliver all the vital facilities and amenities without any compromise on the quality of these services. DHA Rahbar is an excellent choice for living because it offers the same features as other DHA phases, including the same DHA price, but is available at a low cost as it’s relatively cheaper than other DHA projects.

It is for this reason that according to the study, this section of DHA attracts more people than other phases of DHA Lahore.

Location of DHA Rahbar

This DHA Rahbar is a perfect place for you to build your business. It is located near to Raiwind Road, Lahore. This phase of DHA Lahore has direct access to the New Defence Road which is the main feature of this phase.

This new project has been built in the midst of the prestigious locality of Raiwind, which is considered one of the most prestigious localities in Lahore. DHA Lahore has delivered impressive results and the property prices are on the rise in this locality due to its prime location and accessibility. The project is built in the southern area of Lahore, where Lahore International Airport is located, and gives you a feeling of living right at the heart of the city. This project consists of residential as well as commercial areas, making it a perfect place for both buyers and investors. 

Phase 1 of DHA Rahbar is located next to the University of Lahore Defence Campus. The university is located close to the DHA Rahbar. It is very easy to get there by car.

Sectors of DHA Rahbar

The number of sectors is divided into 4 phases. Sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D, and sector E are some of the sectors in the first phase. sector F, sector G, sector H, sector J, sector K, sector L, sector M, sector N, and sector P are all sectors in phase 2.

Most of these sectors are under possession except sectors M, N, and P where possession is not open for now. The land will be made available for possession once development work is completed.

The master plan of DHA Lahore Rahbar Phase 1 and 2

The master plan of DHA Lahore Rahbar Phase 1 and 2

The Master Plan of DHA Lahore Rahbar Phase 4

The Master Plan of DHA Lahore Rahbar Phase 4

Amenities and facilities of DHA Rahbar

  • Top-Notch Infrastructure in DHA Rahbar Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • Separate Water Tanks are constructed for both Phases
  • Construction of Tube Wells in both Phases for access to water supply
  • Underground wiring of electricity in Phase 1 which Overhead electrification is done in Phase 2
  • Sewerage Disposal system in both DHA Rahbar Phases
  • Sui Gas Network is available in both Phases
  • Development Work is Under Process but just in 3 sectors other than which DHA Rahbar is completed
  • Commercial Markets in both phases
  • Main Boulevard and wide roads along with the green belts.
  • Beautiful Theme Parks
  • Pleasant and placid Environment
  • Community Center in both phases
  • Elite education Institutes
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Children’s Playing Areas and jogging tracks
  • 24/7 High Security and CCTV cameras
  • Gated and secured Community
  • Lush Green Parks
  • sports clubs and gyms
  • sector and Jamia Mosque
  • Graveyard for residents

This is the newest project of DHA Lahore. It has two residential phases and lots of green space for residents. The development work is complete, and now your interested clients are buying and constructing their own personal homes in this safe and diplomatic environment.

Facilities and amenities in DHA Lahore

  • 18-Hole Golf Courses
  • Premium Institute
  • Commercial Market / Sector Shops
  • Signal Free Road
  • Sports Clubs
  • Mosque
  • Lush Green Parks
  • Shopping Mall
  • Postal Services
  • Underground Systems of Electricity
  • Sewerage Disposal
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Fire Brigade Service
  • Transport System
  • Police headquarters
  • Horse Riding Clubs
  • Community Clubs

Services in DHA Lahore

You can avail yourself of all the amenities of DHA Lahore which are present in the general city. you don’t have to go outside of this town to get anything because It has a good number of restaurants, shopping centers, schools, colleges and hospitals here.

Café Bars and Clubs

There are two main clubs in DHA Lahore for joy and entertainment. The Defence Club J-Sector (Phase-I) and The Defence Club R-Sector (Phase-II). In the Defense Club R-Sector is available a community hall that can be used for many things such as events, functions, weddings, etc. Residents are able to enjoy many activities in these clubs such as Sports, Restaurants, Libraries, Community Halls, Guest Rooms, and Banquet Hall.

Medical center and health care center

DHA Phase 3 Lahore has many amenities that are unavailable elsewhere. For example, the Lahore Clinic of DHA provides health related  services for all residents. The clinic is available for patients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It offers free services such as X-rays, blood tests, urine tests, and eye examination. It has doctors specializing in orthopedics, urology, surgery, dermatology, gynecology, ENT, and many more.

Horticulture and parks

You can go for the best public park and horticulture area in DHA Lahore They have the best facilities and amenities for parks and horticulture. The responsibilities of management include developing green areas in DHA Lahore, landscaping ground designing, designing sports fields, installing garden lighting, planting flowers, and tree plantation.

24 hours of Maintenance are available

There are different teams for the maintenance of houses and apartments. In addition, there are special teams for road and footpath maintenance which can be provided on a single call. These services are available at any time of the day or night and 24/7.

Sports and playgrounds

Every sector has its own sports complex. It provides the facilities of gyms, basketball courts, cricket stadia, and grounds for other sports. There are professional instructors available for in-depth, private, one-on-one instruction. There are several sports complexes in this area that will also offer you the opportunity to play basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, etc.

DHA education institutes

DHA Education System provides world-class educational facilities. Quality education is offered from elementary level to graduation level. Academic programs are designed to meet the requirements of international educational systems.

DHA Education is offering its own unique academic system that is suitable for students studying at all levels. The tough screening process of teaching facilities helps make sure that excellent teaching takes place.

 The facilities and services provided in the DHA educational institutes are up-to-date. These institutes have adopted a fun method of learning so students remain motivated to study. Teachers encourage students by giving them different prizes and awards for their extraordinary achievements. Education Institutions present inside the housing society are:

  • Defence Degree College for Women
  • Defence Degree College for Boys
  • DHA Senior School for Girls
  • DHA Senior School for Boys
  • DHA Junior Campus T – Block
  • DHA Junior Campus Z – Block
  • DHA Kindergarten
  • Defense public library

DHA’s own Library is open to the public. It has over 30,000 books, including many related to politics, fiction, news, and academic subjects. The library is a rich resource for anyone who loves to learn and learn more about what’s going on in the world.

Centers of religious affairs

DHA Lahore provides equal facilities to families of all religions. It has established many community centers and churches across the province. These centers are used by people of all religions. They have also been using these centers for different occasions such as celebrations, wedding receptions, funerals, prayers, and other special events.


A good place to live after the end of life is a need of the human being. The private society DHA Lahore has a graveyard that is only available for residential families.


This is a society of armed forces. Its security is under the army. This assures families about saving environments.

DHA Lahore provides its residents with a comfortable and safe environment in order to let them relax and enjoy a memorable life. residents have an exceptional environment by maintaining a clean, friendly, and comfortable ambiance.

DHA cinema and shopping malls

DHA Lahore is the center of entertainment not only for the citizens of Lahore but for the citizens of Pakistan as well. It’s filled with some first-class cinemas and malls. Most of the top local brands and international brands have their franchise in these malls.

DHA Lahore Current Projects

  • The swimming pool is in DHA Phase III
  • Rising Sun Institute for Special Children is in DHA Phase III
  • Mazyood GIGA is in DHA phase IV
  • Beaconhouse TNS is in DHA Phase V
  • Teach a Child (TAC) School is in DHA Phase V
  • Nirvana Health Centre and SPA are in DHA Phase V
  • Shapes Health Club is in DHA Phase V
  • Lahore Garrison University (LGU) is in DHA Phase VI
  • DHA New Office Complex is in DHA Phase VI
  • Sector Mosques is in DHA Phase VI
  • Sports Complex is in DHA Phase VI
  • Community Club is in DHA Phase VI
  • Beaconhouse New Lands is in DHA Phase VI
  • City School Alpha Campus is in Phase VI
  • Lahore Grammar School is Phase VIII

DHA Lahore future projects

Even the famous DHA Lahore is a fully developing housing society. It has a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline. Some of these are given below:

  • There is a club called the DGCC club. Defence Raya Golf & Country Club is an international-level facility.
  • The first Golf Resort of Pakistan is here. DHA and BRDB Malaysia formed a joint venture to build a township in Lahore.
  • InVY Green which will be in sector Z of DHA Lahore viii phase
  • There is a Phase 9 of the project called “Prism Lahore”. It will be one of the largest projects ever launched by DHA.
  • There is a Phase 5 of the DHA Penta Square. Ultra-Modern Shopping Mall and Luxury Apartments will comprise it.
  • DHA Haly tower which will be in DHA Lahore in Phase 2
  • The Gold Crest is going to be built in Phase 4.

Perks of investment and living in DHA Lahore

  • In the property industry of Pakistan, there is a chain of famous housing societies called the DHA.
  • The surroundings are developed and posh.
  • There are wide, clean, and carpeted roads.
  • Potential investors and families in the region can find world-class amenities at DHA Lahore.
  • Many education institutions like LUMS that is an education institutes located in the vicinity of DHA of Lahore.
  • It is possible to reach many top-notch shopping malls like packages and fortresses.
  • A walking distance, you can find entertainment facilities such as cinemas, restaurants, golf clubs, bowling clubs, recreational parks, cycling tracks, children’s playgrounds, and walking and jogging tracks.
  • State-of-the-art services can be used to live an innocuous, comfortable and luxurious life.
  • There are high-security cameras and cameras that are running 24/7.
  • For living and investment purposes, the DHA Lahore is an ideal place.
  • In the future, you will be able to make a profit on your properties in DHA Lahore.
  •  DHA Lahore is a safe and secure place to invest and live in.
  • The market value of the society has been raised because of the quality of the DHA Lahore which is located in a prime location and is easily accessible from all major areas of the city.

DHA Lahore Latest developments

  • Development of DHA Phase 9 Prism has started and Under Ground, External Electrification is being tested and it is expected to complete soon.
  • DHA Phase 8 IVY Green and DHA Rahbar are under construction
  • In DHA Phase VI, Housing Units and commercial Plazas are under construction.
  • Sectors Q, R, S, T, and U have all been completed and Sectors P, V, W, X, Y, and Z are close to being completed. The first stages of infrastructure development in sectors W and Y have started in DHA phase 8.
  • DHA Phase Nine is currently in its initial stages. While the town planning and development are under process in the region. While the infrastructure in Halloki Gardens is now complete and the electrical work is almost complete.
  • Mazyood GIGA is the name of a multipurpose shopping mall. This is a new approach to design and construction. The Mazyood Giga Mall is a complete city, with its own set of attractions that includes designer wear, branded shops, exclusive offices, and a number of restaurants. It will prove to be the most acclaimed business center in Lahore.

Why invest in DHA Lahore?

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore promises safety

DHA Lahore Housing Society is one of the safest societies in Lahore where the people can live their life peacefully without any fear of being robbed or assaulted. It has been a dream of DHA to offer security, health, and prosperity to its residents as it is a huge responsibility. This provides better living standards for people, with a safe environment, low crime rate, less traffic congestion, and better facilities. People from all walks of life can now live their life in a better way without worrying about any security issues. 

DHA Lahore has provided the best security measures and well-being for the occupants of the housing society. Their goal is to provide maximum safety and well-being to all their occupants.

A lot of interested clients have begun looking to buy property land at DHA Lahore for buying. So the police were impressed with the security of the society. Another reason why people prefer living in the capital city of Lahore is that they have access to security cameras across the town. It’s safer than many other colonies of Lahore.

The duty of guaranteeing the safety of the Defense Housing Authority is assigned to the armed forces, this is why city residents do not need to pay for personal safety.

For all those people who have been waiting to obtain their dream home in Lahore, it would be a good idea to apply for a house from DHA Lahore as you’ll be able to get it with no extra charges or fees.

Good Return on Investment from DHA Lahore

When someone thinks about purchasing someplace the property then the first thing which comes to his mind is the profit to be made from the place. DHA Lahore has been the grand and the first most developed project of the DHA authorities this is the reason that any property in it will always give you profit.

The key factors which ensure that you get a good return on investment from the housing society are its ideal location, safe and secure environment, the most experienced and reliable property developers, and builders. An advantage to having modern and advanced facilities is that you can ensure a profit return by ensuring that the facility has the right kinds of machines and that it is run as efficiently as possible.

There are many types of properties at DHA Lahore Housing Society like plots, houses, shops, apartments, malls, hotels, and restaurants.

Enjoy the perks of residing in Lahore Cantonment

If you’re in the planning stage of buying a house, you may want to consider a house in a cantonment. Cantonments have houses that are just as luxurious as those of other neighborhoods in town, yet they are more affordable and offer added benefits as well.

You don’t have to go through the stringent security requirements at airports, restaurants, and other venues across the city or country in case you live locally.

There are many guards who reside inside the housing society and they know each other and live together as a family, thus saving you the hassle of showing yourself along with your vehicles every single time when you are entering the limits of the cantonment area.

Another advantage of living in DHA is that it is specially designed for its employees of the military. This gives residents an additional opportunity to have connections with soldiers.

In fact, if you are interested in buying a home available in DHA Lahore, you should take this incentive as yet another incentive for one to look at. Buying property within a military cantonment area is among the biggest motives there has been an increasing need for land for buying or sale at DHA Lahore.

Provision of a higher level of the commercial area

There is a new business area in Defense Housing Authority Lahore. Lahore is a very big city with lots of different types of people, and they all come to these areas for the purpose of amusement and shopping facilities, which have been developed here.

Departmental stores provide household glossaries at prices that are affordable and available in every sector of DHA Lahore. There are various modern shopping malls that offer a huge quantity of local and global brands and restaurants and hotels for army officers and other people living in the region. People living in DHA Lahore also have access to these facilities.

Number of community amenities for residents of DHA Lahore

The neighborhood is nicely organized and designed, keeping in mind all basic to the luxury needs of the occupants of DHA Lahore housing society. There are nightclubs, health centers, botanical gardens, sports venues, mosques, and libraries among other places and structures.

Sport and other industrial pursuits are allotted certain geographical locations and distances for their benefit. Furthermore, food markets, schools, pharmacies, and gas pumps are close by in the neighborhood of most sectors. They are strategically placed through strategic planning.

The educational centers have strict guidelines that meet international standards. Cambridge university-based education and globally ranked universities are found locally in DHA, Lahore.

The healthcare and medical centers are also more and better handily supervised here. Hence, if you are looking for a house available at DHA Lahore then these elementary facilities will be very near to you.

Number of entertainment facilities and commercial Activities

Besides this huge business place where DHA is located, you can find many entertainment opportunities, and they are good for its inhabitants.

A business district of a city offers entertainment activities for the people in the locality. These events, which can attract people of all age groups, include public events, festivals, art exhibitions, occasional gatherings, and also all other entertaining tasks that happen regularly in a commercial area of the society.

You can attend such events, as art exhibits, family parties, clothing exhibits, pet shows, and other meeting and greet events. Due to the high popularity of the location as well as its commercialized character, most the organizations, companies, and government agencies also hold their events and meetings or seminars at DHA

There are many product launching and promotional events held here. Some are targeted at the elite class of this city, and others are held at the general population.

Discipline and rules in DHA Lahore

In the city of DHA Lahore, the main advantage of living there is that it has some of the best rules and regulations. A feature that is attracting a large number of people. The region is well-intended, with residential and commercial aspects and conveniences rightly and ideally situated. All the residents of DHA Lahore are obliged to follow all the regulations. People who won’t follow these rules, and are unwilling to pay for the penalties to DHA management, are going to have to face the consequences of their own actions.

Achieving the quality and sanitation of the environment is not just the responsibility of those who are awarded in this occupation but of everyone in the area. Do not throw litter into parks, grounds, roads, or community spaces. It causes pollution and sanitation will work precisely enough to keep the hygiene standards.

There’s a suitable mechanism to deal with the waste and dirt of every and each house. You need to look at it, make sure it works as expected, and then use it.

Pleasant Environment and surrounding

Defense Housing Authority DHA Lahore is one of the best residential areas of Lahore. It has a pleasant and clean environment, which makes it more attractive than any other residential area in the city.

There’s a certain tranquility and calmness in the atmosphere that you won’t get in any other area of Lahore. If you are looking for an environment that will feed your inner peace and tranquility, DHA Lahore is a good option.

Engagement tasks for everyone

DHA Lahore has a top-notch setup that will allow everyone to have their own schedule.

There are many community activities, especially for those who are working mothers or have young children. They need to make time for them.

There are a variety of types of youth involvement events that take place for the kids of people who are in the process of parenting. The ladies that stay-at-home mommies can benefit from all those learning-based entertaining tasks that foster the mental and emotional development of the children, thus, nurturing their intellectual and physical capacities.

These engagement activities consist of activities to be done by mommies, such as rehab centers, summer camps, kid’s play dates, meals, and pet shows.

How to book a plot in DHA Lahore?

If you want to have a luxury property in DHA Lahore then it is better to follow some steps which are easy and simple.

Lahore DHA offers a wide range of choices for you if you are looking for a plot in its housing society.

Option 1 for booking

Clients interested in paying their dues may opt to do so through online banking or deposit cash at the following banks as per their preference:

  1. Askari Bank Limited
  2. Bank Al-Habib Limited
  3. JS Bank Limited
  4. The Bank of Punjab
  5. MCB Bank Limited
  6. Faysal Bank Limited
  7. Sindh Bank Limited
  8. Allied Bank Limited

To receive proper acknowledgment of payment, kindly send the following information/documents through email at

  1. Name of Plot Owner
  2. Complete Plot Number
  3. Payment Reference Number
  4. Online fund transfers confirmation receipt / Bank Deposit Slip
  5. Purpose of payment (i.e. Development Charges, Water Sewerage Bill)
  6. In case of cash payment through banks, please mention the plot number/registration
  7. The number on the bank deposit slip is for reference.

Option 2 for booking

Any payment can be made through Pay Order / Demand Draft in favor of “DHA Lahore on account of Plot No. / Sector / Phase” and sent to DHA Lahore’s Main Office along with a covering letter mentioning the purpose of payment. Acknowledgment of payment shall be issued in due course of time.

Documents Required to book a property in DHA Lahore

  • The booking form is filled out properly. It is available on the website
  • Application for reserving a plot
  • 2 Copies of CNIC.
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of next of kin
  • 2 Passport size pictures of the applicant
  • Booking fees
  • Your legal document if you are an army person

Where to invest in DHA Lahore?

Right now the economy is at its peak and is very modern, where nearly everything is at a very high price. So there are several buying pockets for your property. This article would help investors to put money into the right company in DHA Lahore for the best profit return. You’ll have to find the best option for you with different exit strategies and timelines.

It is up to you to decide if you want to spend the first capital that you have. There are a variety of investment options for the different phases of DHA Lahore.

The first four phases of the DHA Lahore have been fully developed and are fully occupied. This means that there are very few options for investment in these phases. This is a dream for every home buyer who is dreaming to live in their own place. There are many different phases that one can go through while they’re living in DHA Lahore, from phases of investing in real estate to starting your own business.

DHA Lahore Phase 5

If you invest in DHA phase 5, you may want to consider the fact that it will return your minimum return. But there’s another aspect to investing in DHA Lahore Phase 5. This phase is full of facilities and amenities, so that’s why many concerned investors are looking to invest in this phase.

In phase 5, the B and D sectors have minimum or no profits, so we have to find another way to make money. With the recent increase in prices we have seen on the retail side, there is definitely some light of hope from sector M, sector E, sector D, sector E, and sector F  for the future of the market.

DHA Lahore Phase 6

As prices of property in DHA Lahore phase 6 never disappoint. You can reap the benefits of these properties in the form of annual returns, as the cost of commercial and residential plots of DHA Lahore phase 6 always goes up. Only for residential plots with possession.

If we talk about the commercial area in DHA Phase 6 then commercial plots near Main Boulevards offer attractive and profitable plots to invest in. Overall, DHA Lahore phase 6 is the best option for long-term investment only.

DHA Lahore Phase 7

Every plot of land has been given possession at practically high prices, and you will certainly witness an upsurge in prices as well. In fact, according to our observation, there is no notable rise in the prices of commercial plots in DHA Lahore Phase 7. There is an old adage that says if you can’t build it, buy it. It is recommended to those who are looking for a project with long terms and low-risk returns. Overall we can say that DHA Lahore phase 7 offers short time investment only.

DHA Lahore Phase 8

Most of the Plots have not had any significant change, however, some business Plots have shown an increase in the value of their house. Now is your chance to get a fantastic opportunity to buy plots in DHA Lahore phase 8. It can become a cause of higher investment when the prices of the commercial plots are higher and are profitable.

If you plan to invest in Z block phase 8, it’s a rewarding alternative for the investor while the values are too minimal. This investment can help you make money within a few years. That’s why it’s another great choice for long-term investment in Z6 5 and commercial Marla in the Z4 sector.

DHA Phase 9 Prism

Prism 9 could be your ultimate investment opportunity. It is located in Lahore and is one of the premier property developments in Pakistan. Before you decide to purchase the property of DHA Lahore, consider how much time you have and what your objectives are. This is going to yield a fantastic profit for you in the future.

You may not find it very appealing, but the best way to make money is through commercial land, which takes about 6 to 7 years to grow. SO prism 9 is a short-term investment, according to residential plots, and long-term investment, according to commercial plots.

DHA Phase 9 Town

The most productive investment to buy a property in Phase 9 of DHA is in DHA Lahore. It’s highly recommended because it’s the best time to make the best investment. But DHA Phase 9 is a wonderful place to live, so much better than the rest of the DHA area.

To purchase in phase 9 is incredibly encouraged since it is the ideal time to make the best investment in this housing society. The cost of property in DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town is going up and up and the demand is increasing.

DHA Lahore Properties is one of the best investment options to get a return of on your investment. Before making your investment in any of the properties in Lahore, do thorough research on the city and the investment.

Major Attraction Points of DHA Lahore

Defense Raya Golf Resort & Country Club (DRGCC)

There is always a need for comfortable homes for the residents of Lahore, a bustling multiracial city. This will be satisfied by the best quality residential plots for sale in the city.

For those who live in Lahore, such a line of business is highly desired. Defence Housing Authority has been authorized to provide housing units in Lahore. It is providing these basic needs to its residents.

To fulfill its commitment to delivering a world-class leisure experience, DRGCC has launched several new resort facilities, such as Defence Raya Golf Resort & Country Club. DHA is building this golf course with the partnership of BRDB, which is a Malaysian developer and is known for making luxurious, high-quality houses at the multinational and national levels.

Two of the world’s most successful brands have come together to create the first combined city of luxury in Lahore.

1 and 2 Kanal villas, 14 marlas, and 10 marla beautiful houses, as well as a trendy apartment, are included in the housing units in DRGCC.

Chapters of DHA Lahore

Lahore Housing Society (DHA Lahore) is a full-fledged developed community, but they don’t rest here. developed, but they do not rest. They have launched many new chapters under the management of DHA Lahore.

These are the best and most successful districts in Pakistan. Find more information on the The Realtor limited Islamabad.

This article has provided all the essential information regarding the DHA Lahore housing society to its members so that they may make an informed decision about the same. But this isn’t it. DHA Lahore promises you many other advantages than any other area of Lahore City.

If you want to know more about such housing societies then please read about


DHA Lahore is a master-planned gated community filled with international amenities standards and has modern infrastructure. Lahore is a great place to live because there are lots of parks where you can take walks and enjoy nature. In this housing society, you’ll find some of the best residential and commercial plots.

It can be a little more expensive than other societies, but it is still worth it. It’s a golden opportunity to make a safe, secure, smart, with great profit return investment in Lahore and also to make a better living for your family, if you choose to.

This article is just a simple overview, so that people can understand the greatness of DHA Lahore. If you’re planning to buy or rent a place in DHA Lahore, this will help you make the right decision.

You can also contact The Realtor in case you want any further help with buying the place of your dreams even in other societies like Capital Smart City, Blue World City, Park View City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, Bahria Town Peshawar.

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