Blue World City

Blue World City is a community of affordable housing society developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). This project was developed in a collaboration with the world-renowned Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, one of the leading municipal engineering companies in China. It is located just next to the Chakri interchange and the recently completed Rawalpindi ring road.

The project provides low-cost homes in a friendly

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and safe environment where you can live comfortably. Its unique architecture, innovative designs, and attractive locations will give you the utmost comfort and luxury that you are looking for.

Blue World City Islamabad has online services and offers blue world city verification, online installments, certificate of registration online verification, and application status. Blue World is a multi-stage development project that includes General Block, Overseas Block, Blue Hills Country Farms, Awami Villas, Blue World Economic Zone, Orbital Apartments, and low-cost Awami Residential Complex

BWC Owner & Developers

Blue Group of Companies and Blue World City (BWC) are proud to announce that we are developing a new world-class project in Islamabad’s posh area, called Blue World City (BWC). The purpose of BWC is to provide a beautiful, safe, and secure living environment for the people of Pakistan as well as the surrounding countries.

The company is owned and operated by the leading real estate companies in Pakistan. It has been founded by Saad Nazir, one of the most respected businessmen and philanthropists in the country. He is the chairman of the Pakistan Industrial Estate Holding Limited (PIEHL), which is a public limited company under the Pakistan Companies Ordinance 1985, having its registered office in Islamabad.

Shan Jian’s Municipal Engineering Company will be one of the first major projects in Pakistan after the completion of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – a $50 billion infrastructure project funded by China that aims to bring the two countries closer economically with the opening of the CPEC and BWC.

About Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

Blue group of companies is an architectural company providing complete residential services from the concept stage to completion, through design, engineering, construction, and project management. They are a well-known, trusted, and reliable name in the industry.

The company has the expertise and experience to provide turnkey projects for all types of clients. Their clients include individuals, developers, developers, and real estate firms. They also have a strong team of qualified architects and engineers who are capable of designing homes that match the clients’ needs and budgets. They understand that every client has unique requirements, and they take it upon themselves to provide them with the exact solution they seek.

The company has also developed a comprehensive service strategy that includes retail store planning and operations. It has been recognized as a leader in retail management.

Company Structure

Blue Group of Companies has a high variety set of multiple businesses with interests in the areas of property development, construction, finance, manufacturing, IT services, and energy supply. It consists of the following Companies:

Company Structure


  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Technologies
  • WPZ
  • Blue Media
  • Mart Blue
  • Brands Square
  • Artimmix

Previous Property Projects by BGC

Previously Saad Nazir has completed businesses and housing projects such as PIA cooperative Society, Center Park Lahore, Blue Town Sapphire, Blue Mart, and Blue Technologies. Blue World City Community Islamabad is the latest art of the housing society by BGC.

Blue World City Islamabad NOC

Blue World City Islamabad was developed by the Rawalpindi Development Authority in partnership with the federal government, through the Ministry of Interior.

Blue World City Islamabad Pvt Ltd (BWCLP) in a letter dated August 7th, 2018 informed that they have received the preliminary planning permission from RDA Islamabad for the area covered by the preliminary planning permission of around 427 Kanal.

Blue World City Islamabad NOC

NOC December 2021 Update

District Council has issued a letter on NOC regarding Blue World City vide Letter No. 532/10/DC dated 07-08-2018.

Governor Punjab signed the Local Bodies Ordinance and solved the problem of conflicting jurisdictions between RDA and the District. According to this Ordinance, all the residential housing societies in District Council will be given approval by the council.

With all these deliberations, Blue World City was given due approval, due to which plot prices will also increase. The process of the city’s re-certification is underway once again. The owners believe that the NOC of the housing society will be approved soon.

Following are the newly proposed possession areas

NOC December 2021 Update


Following is the Official Notice of Procured land Area by BWC Management


Blue World City

Blue World City Location

Blue World City Islamabad is a well-maintained community that has a modern infrastructure. It’s the best place for your dream home in Islamabad. It’s located in a peaceful environment in Islamabad. This housing society provides a modern lifestyle, with a lot of benefits and facilities like 24/7 security, water, electricity, etc.


Blue World City Location

Blue World City Islamabad is located on the main Chakri Road, just off the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad motorway, where there are direct exits onto both sides of the motorway.


Blue World City Location

It’s also a housing society located near Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as well as the new International Islamabad Airport.


Blue World City Rawalpindi can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Right next to the Chakri road and Chakri Interchange
  • Approximately 13 min drive to Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, M2, Chakri, Rawalpindi, 46000
  • Approximately 13 min drive to Chakri, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • Approximately 31 min drive to New Islamabad Airport Rd, Islamabad Gandhara International Airport, Islamabad
  • Approximately 32 min drive to Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 33 min drive to Islamabad
  • Approximately 33 min drive to Khanial Homes
  • Approximately 48 min drive to N-5 National Highway, Grand Trunk Rd, Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 57 min drive to Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • Approximately 1hr 3 min drive to Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Approximately 57 min drive to Rawat, Islamabad
  • Approximately 1hr 2 min drive to N-80, Fateh Jang, Punjab
  • Approximately 60 min drive to Saddar, Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 21 min drive to Syed Abul A’la Maududi Ave, Qurtaba City, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • Approximately 03 min drive to Sihal, Chountra Rd, Pind Malhu, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • Approximately 05 min drive to Sihal, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • Approximately 13 min drive to Rawalpindi Race Club
  • Approximately 29 min drive to Parial Hunting Club, Rawalpindi, Punjab

Nearby Landmarks & Places

Capital Smart City is one of the most luxurious housing societies in the area, right next to other great neighborhoods such as Mumtaz City, Khanial Homes, Star Argo Farms, Top City, and University Town.

Located at the intersection of Chakri Road and the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, BMC is one of the most modern societies in Pakistan. Pakistan’s second international airport, Shaheed Benazir International Airport, or ‘SBI Airport’, is located in the city of Rawalpindi.

This Ring Road will save the traveling time of those living far away from Rawalpindi e.g. Rawalpindi. Corticosteroid effects on the developing mammalian kidney. Giga Mall, Bahria Town Karachi, DHA Housing Society, and Bahria Enclave.

Nearby locations and famous places in this society are as follows:

  • New International Islamabad Airport
  • Capital Smart City
  • Bahria Town Phase, Islamabad
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • University Town
  • Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • Mumtaz City

Nearby locations and famous places in this society

Blue World City Master Plan

The well-designed master plan of Blue World City Islamabad has been created with the help of national and foreign experts to develop it on the latest principles of Urban Town Planning. It is aimed at creating a world-class capital city that combines the best of modern and traditional architecture and offers a wide range of public and private facilities as well as recreation areas.

Blue World City Master Plan

Size of Roads

There are many beautiful things about this new Blue World City It’s going to have an impressive number of roads. It will link all parts of the community together. The street is 120 feet, and the roads are more than 80 feet. And every street will be 40ft. wide.

Residential & Commercial Plot Sizes

The whole area will be divided into blocks and plots following the acquisition of 5000 Kanal by Blue World City Islamabad.

The sizes of plots of residential, farmhouses, and commercial are as follows:

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Blue World City Farmhouses plots are as follows:

  • 04 Kanal
  • 08 Kanal

Blue World City Commercial plots are as follows:

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla

Blue World City Overseas plots are as follows:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Following is the virtual tour of BWC


virtual tour of BWC

Blue World City File Verification

The Realtor has recently released a new service for Pakistanis and Overseas Pakistanis who wish to verify their file verification process, as well as the process for registering residential and commercial plots. The service involves therealtor checking your file verification against the database and then verifying the status of the plot. Once this is complete, you will receive a verification certificate by email.

If you have problems using the website, please visit The Realtor support pages and they will resolve the issue for you:

File Verification methods:

  • Contact The Realtor, and we will help you verify the file registration
  • Directly Contact the management of Blue World City
  • To verify the Blue World City file online, you will have to open the Blue World City website (Home Page), as shown below:


Blue World City website

  • Now click the tab of “Online Services” shown on the top of the home page of the Blue World City website, as shown below:


Online Services

  • After clicking online services, you will have to click “Online Registration Verification”, shown below:


Online Registration Verification

  • Another window will open after clicking “Online Registration Verification,” as shown below:


Online Registration Verification

  • Here you will have to enter “Form No.”and “Security Code”, through which you will have your file verification as shown below


Form No and Security Code

  • After inserting “Form No.” and “Security Code”, another window will open highlighting online file verificationsearch results, as shown below


file verificationsearch results

  • And if the information entered is wrong or the file verification information is fraud/scam, then the result will show “No Result”, as shown below


wrong or the file verification information is fraud/scam

Advantages of Blue World City File Verification

We can be sure that if we are interested in property investment then we have made the right choice. Investing in real estate can be a great deal and can make a real difference in your life. it is imperative that you take care of the process and make sure that all the legal requirements are met.

Advantages of Blue World City file registration methods:

  • Prevention of heavy financial losses
  • Prevention from scams
  • Ensuring purchase of legal properties
  • Prevention from falling into the hands of scammers
  • Prevention of financial fraud
  • Saving your lifetime investments

Blue World City Project Details

Blue World City is divided into multiple Blocks such as:

  • Blue World City Orbital Flats
  • Blue World City Country Farms
  • Blue World City Awami Complex
  • Blue World City Overseas Block
  • Blue World City Waterfront Block
  • Blue World City General Block

Blue World City Overseas Block

The Society for Overseas Pakistanis aims to offer reasonable and accessible houses for the overseas Pakistanis who are used to living in foreign countries and have expectations of tastes luxurious life facilities.

The society has beautiful, well-maintained overseas blocks, making it an important place to live in. It is for those who are Overseas Pakistanis. Their expectations have increased and they want luxurious facilities. There are only a few residential and commercial plots available on a first-come-first-served basis in the overseas block.

Investing in Pakistan is a good opportunity for Pakistani citizens living abroad. It’s a convenient way to invest safely in Pakistan at affordable rates.

Location of Overseas Block

This Overseas Block will be the most exclusive and peaceful location in society. The block is located on the main road of Chakri Road and offers direct access through the Main Gate to the Society. The project is getting a lot of interest from both local and international investors for its convenient and appealing location.

Overseas Block is a specially designed investment solution that is designed to fulfill all the needs of the overseas Pakistanis who are interested in investing in their Country. The major problem for overseas investors is the issue of scams.

It’s good news that the BWC and Overseas Block investment is a genuine investment program, while not being a scam. All the facilities and amenities in this Block are provided to provide the Overseas residents with an abroad-like environment. Residents of the Overseas block benefit from direct access from Chakri road, the M-2 Motorway, and the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR).

Blue World City Waterfront Block

There’s a new water feature along the waterfront in Blue World City. The area is right by the waterfront in the society and at the front of Overseas Block. The residents will enjoy the serenity of the community with a beautiful waterfront view.

Blue World City is a housing community located in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Rawat. This is the first time in Pakistan, that there will be a community, which would offer a lifestyle similar to that of Dubai and other parts of the world. Here, you will be living in a city that is very different from the urbanized and congested cities of Pakistan. It is a beautiful place where you can relax in the fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the peace and tranquility.

Blue World City Executive Block

Blue World City is a luxurious residential society that will provide the perfect environment for the people who aspire to lead a life of comfort and luxury. The Executive Block of Blue World City is a masterpiece of design and innovation. It offers a life of luxury and comfort to the residents.

Executive Block is a fantastic new addition to Blue World City. Residents love the amenities, design, and overall vibe. The Executive Block is a perfect spot and can be accessed via various routes. It is also located near the twin cities; Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

This new development in the Blue World will have beautiful homes for its residents. Their residences will be affordable for everyone. The residents of the block will be provided with all the basic and latest modern amenities. The Executive Block of Blue World City is going to offer a luxurious life to the inhabitants. Plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla at a 4-year installment plan are available.

Blue World City Overseas Executive Block

The Overseas Executive Block is a new residential development, as part of the Master Plan of the Blue World City.  Residential plots offered are as follows:

  • 7 Marla (175 Sq. Yd.)

Orbital Apartments:

If you’re looking for apartments in Islamabad that offer world-class amenities, then you should try out Orbital Apartments in Blue City. It’s the most preferred luxury residential project by home buyers from across the country.

Orbital Apartments provides you a home away from home, where the only thing that matters to you is the quality of life you have created for yourself and your family.

Vertical developments in the Middle East are not only a trend but they’re here to stay. The Orbital Apartments have a lot to offer, from spacious spaces to dedicated lifts, themed interiors, world-class services, and much more.

The tallest horse mascots, water theme park, and all the other high-class features and amenities are provided by it. Parks located on a wide circular avenue with well-maintained trees and lush green are located.

The concept of luxurious living with features has been redefined in Pakistan because it offers you a luxury lifestyle at affordable prices.

Features of luxury life are as follows:

  • High-end services
  • High-rise luxury apartments
  • Atrium
  • 24/7 top-notch maintenance and services
  • Gyms
  • Scenic overlooking penthouse with dedicated special elevators
  • Themed interiors
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Spa
  • Uninterrupted utility supplies

Blue Hills Country Farms:

A beautiful setting, delicious farm-fresh food, and a warm welcome by Blue Hills Farms. Whether you’re looking to relax, unwind, or escape the stress of your daily life Blue Hills Country Farms will be serving as a relaxing getaway for the residents of the city.  It is surrounded by lush greenery with plenty of activities to choose from. It is the perfect place for relaxation, fun, and a lot more.

Blue Hills Country Farms is a relaxing escape for all who wish to escape from the busy city life. You can enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings while taking in the tranquility. Come experience peace and solitude.

Location of Blue Hills Farm Houses

The most serene area of the society is at the location of the Blue hills farmhouse, with a beautiful water stream flowing nearby. A life away from the city is a perfect place to enjoy a life that is full of harmony and solitude.

Blue World City Awami Complex

Awami Residential Complex is a luxurious addition to Blue World City, Islamabad. It comprises a wide array of residential options, from Independent houses to Duplexes. Every apartment has been designed to provide the best in-home living. Each apartment is fully furnished and decorated, offering the finest in residential living. Our high-end facilities include a swimming pool, gym, tennis court, basketball court, lawns, children’s play area, garden, and much more. In addition, each apartment comes with all the necessary amenities and utilities.

BWC Awami Complex is the pinnacle of cost-effective housing construction. BWC Awami Complex is a one-stop solution for affordable housing for middle-class families, with different types of apartments, like two-story duplexes, one-story duplexes, three-story duplexes, and five-story duplexes, for the people in different financial conditions.

Location of Awami Residential Complex

The Awami Residential Complex is one of the most demanding areas near the Islamabad International Airport.

The Blue Group of Companies have the highest quality, will implement the development with common spaces and services at the peak of the property.

Blue World City Payment Plan

For the convenience of investors, the society has a 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year installments plan. There is a 10% down payment on the booking. Easy payment plans have been announced by Blue World City. Below are the details:

Blue World City General Block

There is a 4-year payment plan for 5, 8, 10, Marla, 1, and 2 Kanal luxurious plots. The modern style Block is designed to provide a luxurious and reasonable living style, modern facilities and services, and an appealing location.

The company management is offering 5 Marla for 12 Lac and 90 thousand rupees, with only a 10% down payment of 1 lac and 19 thousand rupees. 40 monthly installments will just cost 13 thousand and 388 rupees. Half-yearly installments will cost 66 thousand and 938 rupees.

8 Marla offered by the management in just for 16 Lacs. It is also offering a 10% down payment of 1 lac and 50 thousand rupees.  Installments of 40 months will be 16 thousand and 875 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will cost eighty-four thousand and 385 rupees.

10 Marla is for 20 Lacs with a 10% easy down payment of 1 lac and 85 thousand rupees. installments of 40 months will cost 20 thousand and 813 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 1 lac, 4 thousand, and 63 rupees.

1 Kanal is in 40 Lacs with 10% down payment that is; 3 lacs and 80 thousand rupees. Installments of 40 months will cost 42 thousand and 750 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 2 lacs, 13 thousand, and 750 rupees only.

2 Kanal for 65 Lacs with 10% down payment of 6 lacs and 20 thousand rupees. Installments of 40 months will be, 69 thousand and 750 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will cost 3 lacs, 48 thousand, and 750 rupees only.

Blue World City Executive Block Payment Plan

The payment plan of the Blue World City Executive Block is very easy to understand. It has a convenient 4-year plan for people who can’t pay in one go. There are plots of 5, 10, and 20 Marla available from the executive block. A 10% down payment is required to make a reservation.

  • 5 Marla plots for PKR 875,000, with only a 10% down payment offered by the Executive Block.
  • 10 Marla plots for PKR 1,675,000, with only a 10% down payment offered by the Executive Block.
  • 20 Marla plots for PKR 3,150,000, with only a 10% down payment offered by the Executive Block.

The payment Plan of General Block is as follows:

SizeTable CostDown Payment40 Monthly Installment08 Half Yearly Installment
5 Marla1,490,000149,00014,90093,125
8 Marla1,915,000191,50019,150119,688
10 Marla2,290,000229,00022,900143,125
1 Kanal4,290,000429,00042,900268,125
2 Kanal8,300,000830,00083,000518,750
5 Kanal Commercial9,000,000900,00090,000562,500

General Block Sector-1 Payment Plan

SizeTotal Reg.CostDown PaymentConfirmation12 Monthly Installments
5 Marla1,4490,000447,000298,00062,083
10 Marla2,300,000690,000460,00045,833

General Block Sector-2 Payment Plan


SizeTotal Reg. CostDown PaymentConfirmation12 Monthly Installment
5 Marla1,390,000417,000278,00057,917
10 Marla2,150,000645,000430,00089,583

General Block Sector-4 Payment Plan


SizeTotal PriceDown Payment12 Monthly Installment
5 Marla12,90,0006,45,00053,750

General Block Sector-5 Payment Plan:


SizeTotal PriceDown Payment12 Monthly Intallment
1 Kanal4,500,0002,250,000187,500
2 Kanal7,900,0003,950,000329,167

Blue World City Overseas Block:

4-year installment plan for several luxurious sizes of residential plots, comprising of:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Only a 10% down payment is for the first-time booking. 40 monthly or 16 quarterly installments are payable after the downpayment.

For 7 Marla, if you make a 10% down payment of 1 lac and 35 thousand rupees,  you have to pay the amount of 13 Lac and 50 thousand rupees. Installments for 40 months will just cost 14 thousand, 344 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will cost 71 thousand, 719 rupees.

10% down payment of 1 lac and 90 thousand rupees of 10 Marla you may have your land in just 19 Lacs. Installments for 40 months will cost 20 thousand, 188 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 1 lac, 938 only.

10% down payment of 2 lacs and 50 thousand rupees14 Marla you may have your land in just  25 Lacs. Installments for 40 months will just cost 26 thousand, 563 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 1 lac, 32 thousand, and 813 rupees only.

1 Kanal for 35 Lacs with only a 10% down payment of 3 lacs and 50 thousand rupees will be a good price for you to have your own land. Installments for 40 months will just cost 37 thousand, one hundred, and 88 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 1 lac, 85 thousand, and 938 rupees only.

2 Kanal for 56 Lacs and 60 thousand rupees with only a 10% down payment of 5 lacs and 60 thousand rupees is reasonable. Installments for 40 months will just cost 59 thousand, 500 hundred rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 2 lacs, 97 thousand, and 500 hundred rupees only.

The payment Plan of Overseas Block is as follows:

Residential Plots


SizeTotal PriceDown PaymentConfirmation40 Monthly Installment08 Half Yearly InstallmentUpon Ballot
7 Marla
175 Sq.Yd
10 Marla
250 Sq.Yd
14 Marla
350 Sq.Yd
1 Kanal
500 Sq.Yd
2 Kanal
1000 Sq.Yd

Commercial Plots

SizeTotal PriceDown PaymentConfirmation40 Monthly Installment08 Half Yearly InstallmentUpon Ballot
5 Marla
125 Sq.Yd
10 Marla
250 Sq.Yd

The Payment Plan of Blue World City Waterfront Block:


SizeTotal PriceDown PaymentConfirmation40 Monthly Installment08 Half Yearly Installment
6 Marla
150 Sq.Yd
12 Marla
300 Sq.Yd
18 Marla
450 Sq.Yd

The Payment Plan of Blue World City Executive Block:


SizeTotal Price10% Down Payment40 Monthly Installment08 Half Yearly Installment
5 Marla875,00087,50019,68898,438
10 Marla1,675,000167,50037,688188,438
20 Marla3,150,000315,00070,875354,375


SizeTotal Price10% Down Payment40 Monthly Installment08 Half Yearly InstallmentPossession 5%
5 Marla875,00087,50018,59492,96943,750
10 Marla1,675,000167,50035,594177,96983,750
20 Marla3,150,000315,00066,938334,688157,500

Hollywood Block Payment Plan:

Investors in the General Block, Sector-5 plots will be balloted next month. They could buy 1 or 2 Kanal and 2 or 4 Kanal residential plots on a 1-year payment plan.

The investment is also given in monthly installments. This gives convenience to the investors.

SizeTotal Reg. Price10% Down Payment20 Monthly Installment04 Half Yearly Installment
10 Marla4,500,0001,125,000112,500281,250
1 Kanal7,500,0001,875,000187,500468,750
2 Kanal14,000,0003,500,000360,000875,000
4 Kanal26,000,0006,500,000650,0001,625,000

Blue Hills Country Farms:

Blue Hills Country Farm is an excellent option for a 4-Year installment plan for 4, 8, 12, or 16 Kanal plots in the Blue World City to build your dream

To make the down payment, you have to pay 16,000 INR (around 40 thousand USD) with monthly installments of 85,000 (up to 86 thousand INR). The farms are also providing 8 half-yearly installments.

4 Kanal for 85 Lacs and 25 thousand rupees with only a 15% down payment of 12 lacs and 15 thousand rupees. 40 monthly installments will just cost 80 thousand and 63 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 4 lacs, 30 thousand, and 312 rupees only.

You can buy 8 Kanal for 1 crore and 54 Lacs rupees with only a 15% down payment of 22 lacs and 35 thousand rupees. Installments of 40 months will just cost 1 Lac, 58 thousand, and 313 hundred rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 7 lacs, 91 thousand, and 563 hundred rupees only.

The company is offering 12 Kanal for 2 crores with a 15% down payment of 37 lakhs and 16 thousand and 250 rupees. Installments of 40 months will cost 2 crores, 63 thousand, and 234 hundred rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 13 lacs, 16 thousand, and 132 hundred rupees only.

16 Kanal for 2 crores and 75 Lacs rupees with only a 15% down payment of 39 lac rupees. Installments of 40 months will just cost 2 Lac, 76 thousand, and 250 hundred rupees. 8 half-yearly installments will be 13 lacs, 81 thousand, and 250 hundred rupees only.

The payment Plan of Blue Hills Country Farms is as follows:


SizeTotal Reg. PriceCertificate
Discount Price15% Down Payment40 Monthly Installment08 Half Yearly Installment
4 Kanal8,525,000425,5008,100,0001,215,00086,063430,313
8 Kanal15,400,000500,00014,900,0002,235,000158,313791,563
12 Kanal25,575,000800,00024,775,0003,716,000263,2341,316,172
16 Kanal25,500,0001,500,00026,000,0003,900,000276,2501,381,250

Awami Residential Complex, Awami Villas & Duplex Villa

Apartments can be booked in Awami Residential Complex which offers studio apartments, that consist of 1-bed and also 2-bed apartments for the easy installments of 50 months as low as Rs. 10,800/-

3.5 Marla villa in Duplex Villa can be booked at easy installments of 50 months as low as Rs. 18,700/-

3 Marla Blue World City Awami Villas offers single-floor residential area luxurious Villas. Villa homes of this style are luxurious and stylish homes that provide the best amenities, services, and locations.

The Studio apartments are offered by the management for 15 Lacs with a down payment of 1 lac and 20 thousand rupees. Installments of 50 months will just cost 10 thousand, and 800 hundred rupees. 10 half-yearly installments will cost 54 thousand rupees only.

1 Bed Lounge is in just 18 Lacs with a down payment of 1 lac and 50 thousand rupees. Installments of 50 months will just cost 13 thousand, and 500 hundred rupees. 10 half-yearly installments will cost 67 thousand, and 500 rupees only.

2 Bed TV Lounge is in just 22 Lacs with a down payment of 1 lac and 90 thousand rupees. Installments of 50 months will just cost 17 thousand, and 100 hundred rupees. 10 half-yearly installments will cost 85 thousand, and 500 rupees only.

3.5 Marla Duplex Villa is in 27 Lacs with a down payment of 2 lacs and 40 thousand rupees. Installments of 50 months will just cost 20 thousand, and 400 hundred rupees. 10 half-yearly installments will cost 1 Lac and 200 rupees only.

3 Marla Single-Storey Awami Villas is in 25 Lacs with a down payment of 2 lacs and 20 thousand rupees. Installments of 50 months will just cost 18 thousand, and 700 hundred rupees. 10 half-yearly installments will cost 93 thousand and 500 rupees only.

Serene Villas Payment Plan

SizeTotal Reg. PriceBookingConfirmationAt the Time of 1st Roof SlabAt the Time of 2nd Roof Slabt15 Monthly Installment03 Half Yearly Installment
5 Marla8,500,0002,550,000425,000637,500637,500141,667708,333

The payment Plan for Awami Residential Complex

SizeList PriceCertificate AdjustmentDiscount PriceDown PaymentAt Startup50 Monthly Installment10 Half Yearly Installment
1 Bed Lounge1,800,000300,0001,500,000150,000-13,50067,500
2 Bed TV Lounge2,200,000300,0001,900,000190,000-17,10085,500
3.5 Marla Duplex Villas2,700,000300,0002,400,000240,000120,00020,400102,000
5 Marla Single Storey2,500,000300,0002,200,000220,000120,00018,70093,500

Blue World City Overseas Executive Block Payment Plan

SizeTotal Registration CostDown PaymentConfirmation12 Half Yearly Installment
7 Marla2,495,000748,500499,500103,958

Blue World City 4.5 Marla Residential Plots Payment Plan

Plot SizeTotal PriceDown PaymentConfirmation40 Half Yearly Installment08 Half Yearly InstallmentPossessionFinal Discounted Rate After Possession
4.5 Marla1,080,00087,50043,7508,75049,219205,000875,000

Salient Features

Blue World City Islamabad, will provide excellent quality living with all modern facilities including health care, education, security, entertainment, business and shopping. It also provides all the modern amenities.

Salient features of Blue World City Islamabad:

  • Society`s own Power Plant
  • Replica of Blue Mosque, Jamia Mosque, Turkey
  • Largest themed water park
  • International standard Infrastructure
  • Underground supply of utilities
  • Availability of basic utilities 24/7 such as water gas, and electricity
  • Modern educational institutions
  • Police stations with the latest technologies to maintain law and order
  • Well-developed linked roads
  • Specifically, a well-designated modern transportation system
  • Paved Walkways and paths
  • Well-equipped hospitals and pharmacies in the region
  • Well-planned drain and waste disposal system
  • Foolproof strict security system
  • Secure boundary wall and gated community
  • Highly qualified doctors and well-trained nursing staff
  • Skilled maintenance and management workforce
  • Most cost-effective housing options
  • Highly-trained and professional teachers
  • Beautiful and lush green parks and other play areas
  • Variety of residential and commercial plots
  • Modern and capacious business hubs
  • A sophisticated drainage system is installed to keep the society from any drainage clogging
  • Planned sewerage management & waste disposal system

Blue World City Islamabad

Facilities & Amenities

This housing project will be a marvel in Chinese development and architecture.

The apartment society is not only the cheapest housing option in the area, it is designed to cater to the huge influx of Chinese workers moving to Pakistan for the CPEC route project.

International standards should be implemented in Pakistan to benefit both Pakistani citizens and foreigners residing here. They should improve standard living conditions for all.

The housing project will introduce the following futuristic, never before seen amenities to its residents:

Water, gas & electricity

The city of Islamabad is located in a remote and very isolated region, which means that there are still many unconnected areas with no electricity or water supply, making it hard for the residents of Islamabad to reach for such services.

As a community organization that serves the needs of its citizens, we had to work long hours, but we made sure that the inhabitants of this Society could have the basic necessities of life, including 24/7 access to gas, electricity, and gas so that they could enjoy a stress-free life.

Replica of Blue Mosque in Turkey

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque is an architectural marvel of classical Ottoman architecture. It was built in 1609 by Muslim designers and architects who are considered to be the true architects of the Blue World City and inspire the planners of the city to build a replica of this massive mosque in society to restore Islamic values and culture in Pakistan.

The Faisal Mosque is a replica of the Blue Mosque and will attract visitors to this society. The Blue Mosque will truly represent and compliment the theme of Blue World City.

Commercial Hubs, Schools & Colleges

This project is the largest infrastructure development project in the country, and the government is going to prove to be the most ambitious and progressive state in the region

The society will become one of the biggest commercial hubs in the region with the proposed CPEC route in its proximity, and the opportunities for businesses to trade with each other are limitless.

It’s amazing how the modern society, the masters of this spectacular society, have designed state-of-the-art, modern commercial avenues, and high-standard educational facilities in all the sectors of the society to ensure accessibility for people.

The biggest water theme park in Pakistan

The society will develop a unique water theme park in Islamabad. The theme park will have world-class water rides, a massive volcano, water surfing, wave pools, special themed water pools, and water attractions for underage children. The park will be equipped with state-of-the-art and the best technology, water parks, and water attractions.

Gated Community

The highly secured and gated Blue World City Islamabad will be a new haven for the rich and famous. Illegal and suspicious will not be allowed to enter society.

If we have a secure boundary wall around the community, society will feel safe. The society also wants to incorporate additional features such as face recognition and key cards to prevent unwanted visitors and mishaps in society.

24/7 Security

A blue world city is a modern residential society that provides an ideal lifestyle to its residents. The security of residents and visitors is very important so we will have a specially trained security team to keep the environment safe 24/7. We have installed CCTVs all over the society to build a secure environment in the housing society so you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Sector and Jamia mosques

No doubt, each sector will have a special mosque for the residents of that sector, so they can go to the sector mosque and pray freely, comfortably and fulfill their religious obligations.

Jummah Mosque will be a new building in the Jamia Masjid area, which provides facilities for people who attend the Jummah prayers.

Carpeted Roads

Society has already begun working on the infrastructure and the first that step is to build a wide network of well-paved roads in the society to connect all parts of the society.

The proposed roads are 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet wide respectively. They have concrete pathways and sidewalks for pedestrians and cyclists.

Public Transport

In this project, we want to establish a Public transport network for the society to provide services for the society’s people.

In order to provide a reliable and fast public transport service to its members and visitors, the society has decided to build its own internal network within the society’s infrastructure. This new service will be available to all members and visitors of the society.

Power plant

Power shortage has become the major concern of the day. With the continuous rise in the demand for electricity, power shortage becomes more common than before.

We going to install an electric power plant in society to keep it load-shedding free. With society’s very own power plant, the availability of electricity in society will ensure a more efficient and productive community.

Underground Electricity

In the modern world, a majority of the houses have been designed without consideration of the existing electricity infrastructure. The new residential plans are designed keeping in mind the convenience of the community. In the Blue World City, the underground electricity idea is used in which an electric cable from the house to the power source without digging in the ground is used. This way, it is a lot safer as compared to the conventional methods. In addition, the installation process is more convenient and cost-effective as compared to other methods. There are many advantages of having underground electrical systems.

Sports and cultural complex

The project will include the construction of a sports and cultural complex, a public library, an outdoor cinema, a multifunctional sports hall, and other facilities. The complex will include a sports hall, swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, auditorium, open-air cinema, gym, basketball court, tennis court, skate park, football pitch, and other facilities. It will be constructed in a green area.

Blue World City will build a multi-functional sports and cultural complex to entertain and promote diversity of cultures and to promote extra-curricular activities in the society.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

It has been found that most of the waste generated by people in the city is not disposed of properly. Hence, it is necessary to install sewage treatment plants in the society for proper management of waste. Moreover, it is necessary to keep the environment clean and healthy.

Society will develop a sewage treatment plant with advanced technologies and systems. The main objective of the project is to reduce water pollution, prevent the spread of diseases, and protect the environment.

Water filtration plant

Blue World City is a pioneering self-sustaining urban community based on a new concept of sustainability, where all aspects of life are geared towards self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

The installation of a state-of-the-art water filtration plant will ensure the supply of clean water everywhere in society and will improve the living conditions in the region.

Recreational Park and lake

The Oxygen Park is a multi-functional open-air space that will be the heart of the society’s residential developments. Its aim is to help create a positive impact on health, make social connections, and help the environment.

Max cinema

Cinema has become a vital part of our lives and we all want it to be entertaining. The 3D IMAX cinema is one of the most high-tech cinemas in the world. Its technology combines both 2D and 3D technology with the latest innovations to create the highest quality of cinema experience.

Blue World City aims at bringing the most advanced technology and entertainment to its residents by developing the best 3D I-MAX cinema.

Adventure Club

Our Society is planning an Adventure Club to bring people together and give everyone a chance to make new friends.

This adventure club will organize a variety of activities for the enjoyment of its members, such as horseback riding, dirt bike riding, parachute jumping, sky diving, and hiking.

Safari Zoo

In Blue World City the attraction will be the Safari Zoo. The Safari Zoo will be a place where you will enjoy a unique safari ride with wild animals roaming free. It will be situated on the bank of a lake and surrounded by a lush green environment. There will be a range of different species of animals and birds to see in their natural habitat. It will also include a water park, a safari game park, and a garden.

Water pools and spa clubs

Our spa and pool design team has been at work on creating a beautiful and luxurious spa and pool environment for this amazing project. The spas are designed to relax the mind and body. This will be accomplished by the usage of natural mineral salts in the various spa pools. The spa club will also feature an assortment of health products from top manufacturers. The spa also has the capacity to produce custom treatments.

Police station

Blue World Police Station will be a fully functioning and responsive police station where citizens can safely call the police and report crimes in the surrounding area. The goal of this project is to create a community-based policing model that will work in tandem with a highly effective, cost-effective, and humane police department.

40-Bed Hospital

The hospital consists of 40-beds, it is fully equipped with the latest medical machinery and medical facilities, it will serve not only residents of the community but also patients who come from neighboring societies to seek medical attention. The hospital has an expert medical staff of doctors and nurses, plus much other support staff to provide excellent service.

Latest Development in Blue World City

Even Blue World City, Islamabad is one of the most ambitious mixed-use projects in the history of Pakistan. Even Blue World City is the first step towards transforming the capital city into a new model of living by providing world-class housing for every citizen. Even Blue World City will be an integrated city that will offer everything from the best schools for children to health care facilities, parks, retail, entertainment, and recreation areas, to leisure facilities like swimming pools, a convention center, a hotel, a shopping mall and so on.

The land clearing process in phase 1 of society has begun and it will not be long before the mapping and leveling of plots start. The CEO of Blue World City held a meeting with the man. Chang, a top Chinese Multi-Floor Apartment building developer is constructing apartment buildings at Blue World City Islamabad.

Blue World City Pak-China Friendly City

In a world that is becoming increasingly interdependent, relationships and cooperation have become important factors in the political and economic arenas. This new era demands that all players work together for mutual benefit and a stable international environment. In this regard, the Government of Pakistan and the Government of China, as two major developing countries, share a common vision of enhancing the relationship between the two countries.

This housing project is part of a larger project that has been developed by a company that is known for its development projects and investment in infrastructure. The management of the project has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Chinese company for the development and investment of the project.

In order to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and become the first Pakistan-China friendly city, we need to discuss the reasons why this housing society will be monumental.

1. Development of Chinese and Pakistanis

This housing society will be developed using Chinese skills & technology. The community will be built along with the help of professionals from Pakistan.

The standard of maintenance and development of this society will match all the international standards of living.

The society will have all the amenities including commercial and economic zones, residential areas, education, health institutes, and entertainment clubs, making this housing society “A Pak-China Friendly Society.

2. Pak-China Investment

The Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company has made this investment through a joint venture with the Blue Group of companies. This means that this housing scheme is a joint venture, not just a company in a single country. It is an investment between two countries, thus making this a Pak-China-friendly city in a true sense.

3. CPEC Route Proximity

The CPEC route, which is a trade route between Pakistan and China, is very close to Blue World City in Islamabad, and it is a joint venture between Pakistan and

For the majority of the workers, China will be their first experience in terms of their workplace, and thus, they would need to find accommodation that would fulfill and meet their needs.

4. Chinese Architecture and Development

Chinese techniques and construction will be used in the development of the infrastructure of society. The modern architecture of Chinese cities inspired the society to develop a master plan for the city. This is a testament to the friendship between China and Pakistan.

5. Accommodation for Chinese Residents

A large influx of Chinese residents will move to Pakistan in the next few years due to the CPEC project. Blue World City housing project will also be developed by Chinese workers and is expected to receive over 10,000 Chinese residents for construction and development work.

The Chinese community has been given a block in the development that has been specifically designed for them. This is a society that brings citizens of China and Pakistan closer. It provides abundant commercial and residential opportunities.

The venture will also promote harmony and peace in the region and encourage foreign investment in the country.

With its vast natural resources, strong military, and strategic location between two major trade routes, China’s Belt and Road Initiative has the potential to play a major role in facilitating its development.

Why Invest in Blue World City?

Low-cost housing project for Pakistan which provides luxury and comfort in a low-cost accommodation and a place where people who are financially weak can build their own homes with all luxurious amenities.

This project is still not a done deal, so there may be more reasons than just the above-listed ones for you to not book a plot. So, if you are not sure about booking your plot in this project, we have provided a few major reasons for you to consider.

1. Most Affordable & Convenient

Prices of Blue World City are the most affordable as compared to the other societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi such as Taj Residencia and Park View City.

It’s a common thing in society to live a very luxurious lifestyle. With a low salary, it is easy for people to provide their families with luxurious accommodation.

2. Easy Installment Plan

Like most other housing societies in the region, Blue World City is offering a very convenient three-year and four-year installment plans for different types of sizes and types of plots to suit the needs of its potential investors belonging to all classes of society, thus making it a perfect place to invest one’s savings.

With its modern facilities and impressive architectural design, it will soon become a part of the smart city’s elite.

3. Modern Facilities

Blue World City Islamabad Society is one of the best societies in Pakistan where people can enjoy their life in the best way. They offer all kinds of amenities such as health care, education, entertainment, and shopping malls to their residents. This makes them one of the best societies in Pakistan. Apart from providing necessities like gas, clean water, and electricity, the society has included parks, cinemas, shopping centers, cinemas, and exclusive leisure clubs for its residents.

4. Peaceful and Tranquil Environment

If you’re looking to experience a carefree life, then book your plot blue world city. It’s located near nature and allows you to experience a carefree life. A quiet retreat away from the hustle of the city.

An eco-friendly place to raise your family is important for many people. It will help to protect the planet so that your children will have a better future to live in. It’s located in a quiet area near the highway. Its natural ambiance and the amenities are definitely of the same level as the housing societies in zone IV of Park View City.

5. Infinite Commercial Opportunities

BWC consists of a number of apartments, shopping malls, hotels, schools, parks, etc. In addition to this, there are also many recreational and entertainment facilities for the residents of the area. The residential projects are very unique and will provide comfort and luxury to the inhabitants.

This place will have many different options for commercial opportunities which will make it an exceptional place to live. The various business, shopping, and entertainment opportunities in society will ensure a sufficient number of jobs and businesses in the area

6. Maximum Return on Invest

Blue world city Islamabad offers a great opportunity for anyone who wants to start a business in Islamabad and earn a good return on their investment. This society is currently in its pre-launching phase, and as of now, the prices of homes are at their lowest and will most likely increase with further development.

7. Sense of Belonging

Blue World City Islamabad is a high-end residential community located at the heart of Islamabad. This society is created as a better place to live in Pakistan, with a healthy community and an environment that encourages growth, prosperity, and harmony.

The home has all the amenities and services that make it perfect for people who want to have a sense of belonging. Modern society will improve your quality of living as well as your heart by giving you modern services and faster development.

Pros and Cons

  • Prime Location
  • Reasonable price and easy installment plan
  • Diversity in communities
  • Modern Health and Educational facilities
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Replica of Blue Mosque
  • Malls, Hotels, and Resorts
  • The new commercial hub of Pakistan
  • Asia’s largest theme park
  • Further away from Islamabad City

Documentation Requirements for booking

Following documents are required to Book your plot in Blue World City, Islamabad

  • 2 passport-size Pictures
  • 2 copies of your national ID card
  • 2 copies of the ID card of your next Kin
  • For overseas clients
  • 2 copies of the Overseas National ID Card along with the above-mentioned documents

Documentation Requirements for booking

Possession of Plots in Blue World City

The information that the ballot will be carried out in January 2020 was initially shared by the management of BWC. The ballot for General Block has already been completed.

December 2020 is when the ownership of the plots was supposed to be announced. For the selection of the plots, the balloting is decided to be done electronically.

The investors who have already submitted the 90% payment will be allowed to participate in the balloting. The good news is that you can still be part of the balloting if you pay a 50% upfront price.

In phase 1 the possession of the plots will be given to the families in the society that is expected to be given after 3 years, not like CDA’s sectors such as B-17 and ICHS Town. As they are giving the possession of the land on an immediate basis.

Development work is going on very well at our NOC. We are working with the utmost care to complete the development work within the given timeframe. Once the development work is done, the possession of plots in Blue World will be granted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- What is Blue World City?

It is a new housing project that is located at Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.

Q2-Who is the owner and developer of Blue World City?

Blue Group of Companies is a project of Saad Nazir, who also owns Blue Group of Companies.

Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company has been tasked with developing this massive project in China.

Q3-Why Blue World City is called Blue World City Islamabad?

Blue World City Islamabad is situated in the north of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Islamabad is popularly referred to as blue world city Islamabad by many people, even though it is under the jurisdiction of RDA.

Q4-Is Blue World City a legal housing society?

As per the layout plan of the society, the society has applied for RDA approval to extend the boundaries of their housing society as well as get a new NOC. But rest assured that Blue World City Housing Society is assured of a legal housing society.

Q5-When will the development work start and how long will it take for the society to get fully developed?

Development work is going on in society. Construction work is almost complete on the main gate and Main Boulevard. The earthwork is going on and the soil is being leveled off. According to the information available, the time frame of the development is 3-4 years.

Q6-Will the Blue World City provides gas, water, and electricity?

Blue World City’s main goal is to provide its inhabitants all basic and modern life amenities such as water, electricity, and gas 24/7.

Q7-Is Blue World City offering any installment plan?

The society offers easy installments of 3 and 4 years for the feasibility of the investors.

Q8-When will be the possession of plots given in society?

Many plots have been waiting for as long as 6 or more years to get their permit. At first, possession is given to the plots in the first phase of the society due to the early development of the blocks in that phase.

Q9-Are there commercial plots available in the society?

You’ll find the information about the different sizes of commercial plots, including prices, payment plans, and other relevant information to the payment plan attached in the article above.

Q10-Is there any Overseas Block available in the society for Overseas Pakistani Citizens?

For overseas Pakistanis, society has specially designed a dedicated overseas block.

Q11- How Will Blue World City become the hub of economic growth in the region?

Society will become a hub of economic growth due to the variety of commercial opportunities. The blue world City will become an investor’s paradise because of the variety of jobs and career opportunities it has to offer.

Q12-Why Blue World City called Pak-China friendly City?

Islamabad’s Blue World City has signed an MOU with a Chinese company for the development of this mega housing project.

This is the first-ever housing society that will be developed by the Chinese in Pakistan. The meaning behind this is that it has great respect in the hearts of the people of both countries. Hence, it is also known as a Pak-China-friendly city.

Q13- Who is the Blue World City Brand Ambassador?

Esra Bilgiç is the brand ambassador of a blue world city.

If you want to know more about such housing societies then please read about


Blue World City Islamabad is a new and upcoming Housing Society situated at Islamabad, Pakistan. This is one of the best places to live in Pakistan and provides all the modern facilities at affordable prices.

Society is still in the development stages so the prices are still low. Once, the society is fully developed in 1 to 2 years then the prices may go higher and then these low prices will not be available. Installment payment plans, affordability, and luxurious amenities are the top-selling points of BWC.

The Realtor recommends you invest in this society. Contact us for the blue world city file price or any other blue world city price. The reviews of Blue World City are amazing.

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