Al-Hamra Avenue

Al-Hamra Avenue Islamabad is a residential development situated on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan. It offers its residents luxurious accommodations, facilities, and services. The project Al-Hamra Avenue accommodates senior PAF officers, their families, and civilian employees. The complex is well connected by road, rail, and air. 

The entire development is built around the concept of sustainable living. The neighborhood has no power lines; all the houses have photovoltaic systems and solar water heaters.

This marvelous residential project grew out of an idea that began in 2005 and has grown enormously ever since.


Al-hamra Avenue, Islamabad, is one of the oldest and largest housing projects in Islamabad, which was started in 2005. The scheme was initially designed for Pakistan Air Force officers only, but later the general public was encouraged to buy houses in the area. The housing society is being built on Lehtrar Road, nearby PINSTEC, in Islamabad’s fifth zone.

Developers and Owners

The Shaheen Foundation is a non-profit organization set up to build affordable housing in Islamabad. The Foundation strives to achieve the ultimate goal of providing homes for Pakistan Air Force (PAF) families. The first phase of this project is located in Al-Hamra Avenue, which includes four residential blocks.

Its main aim is to earn clients’ complete trust and faith in its project development, so it cultivates long-term relationships with them by meeting their needs, generating revenues, and improving the quality of their living standards. A well-known Spanish and Swiss designer and town planner are in charge of the project’s master planning.

The Habib Rafiq Private Limited has also contributed to the construction of the housing scheme. In addition, Habib Rafiq Private Limited is responsible for planning and developing the Al-Hamra Avenue project.

NOC Status

Getting NOC is a crucial step in building housing projects in Capital City. The Capital Development Authority has approved Al-Hamra Avenue Islamabad, the first phase of the new housing project.  The CDA awarded this project a NOC and certification on March 15, 2008.

It’s crucial for investors who are looking for property in Capital City. The sponsors have asked the CDA to rename the initiative Eden Life so that they can make an enormous impact. The request is now pending because the case has not been settled.

Location Map

Located on Lehtar road, Al-Hamra Avenue is an ideal choice to live close to your work while being a peaceful and tranquil area away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This location offers excellent value and is very convenient as it is easily accessible via both Lehtar road and Salah ad-Din street. 

Al-Hamra Avenue Islamabad location map

Living in a city or country can have advantages and disadvantages. The area also has strong links to the city’s commercial sector and is close to the city center.

The Al-Hamra Avenue housing scheme is ideally situated in the Federal Capital Zone-V. It is a 20-minute drive from Serena Hotel in Islamabad and is located on Lethrar Road, which connects to PINSTEC. The CDA plans to build a new road bridge linking Islamabad Highway and Nilore. The flyover makes it easier for people to get to Al-Hamra Avenue.

Access Points

The following are popular adjacent locations:

  • Lehtrar Road is about 20 minutes from the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  • Locals are only a half-hour short drive from Neela Sandh Picnic Point.
  • Murree Road’s Lake View Park is 30 to 35 mins distant by automobile.
  • Getting to Jungle World – Ayub National Park by car takes 45 to 50 minutes.

Master Plan

Local engineers and architects will carry out the engineering plans and architectural design for society’s new homes according to the CDA requirements.

master plan of Al-Hamra Avenue Islamabad

The planned property has beautiful topography. However, the terrain consists mainly of little hillocks.

The 4-6 kilometer mountainous region is behind Constitution Boulevard, with an average altitude of around 200 feet.

All the surrounding land will be professionally developed and maintained. The area will be centered to be built. The barrier is built around the society to protect the project. 


The housing society has been divided into several blocks, each with a different number of plots:

  • Fountain block
  • Shaheen block
  • Capital Block
  • Residential Plots

Residential Plots

The following are the sizes of the housing units in the lodging society:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The following are the commercial properties in the Al-Hamra Avenue housing society:

  • 4 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Payment Plan

Residential Plots Payment Plan

SizeTotal Registration Cost
5 MarlaPKR 14 To 15 Lakh
7 MarlaPKR 19 To 20 Lakh
10 MarlaPKR 2 To 3 Crore
12 MarlaPKR 2.5 To 3 Crore
1 KanalPKR 4 To 5 Crore

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

SizeTotal Registration Cost
4 MarlaPKR 10 To 14 Lakh
10 MarlaPKR 30 to 32 Lakh

Salient Features

The following are the main characteristics of the lodging society:

  • Underground utilities
  • Commercial zones
  • Beautiful parks
  • Leisure clubs
  • Gated community
  • Carpeted roads (major roadways are 80 feet wide, secondary roadways are 60 / 40 feet broad).
  • Communication networks
  • Satellite cable network
  • The community club and the business district
  • The Great Mosque
  • Postal service

Pros and Cons


  • Approved Lodging Society

If you’re about to embark on a housing project, the clearance of the NOC is crucial. Before starting up property development, you need to know about the government’s laws and regulations.

The Housing Society possesses official NOC and CDA-certified documents and even has a fully functional, 24×7, emergency hotline. We’ve taken this unique housing development to the next level. This land has a completely unique vibe and feels.

  • Effective for PAF Personnel

The retired officers are satisfied and happy to have a house in the Al- Hamra Avenue Islamabad because the housing society offers a wide range of all luxurious facilities and latest amenities, spacious rooms, and amazing serene views of hills,  and perfect for those who want to enjoy retirement. 

Since the beginning of Alhamra avenue, the PAF Housing Association has adjusted its rules and regulations to suit the needs of retired personnel. It will continue to do so.

  •  Exceptional Location

Because it’s centrally located, it’s a very convenient place to stay. It is in the vicinity of the Lehtrar Road industrial estate and is surrounded by several thriving organizations such as PINSTEC and PCSIR. In Islamabad, you can reach it by taking Japan Road and Palm Street.


  • No Installement Plan

Plot and dwelling sales for the lodging society are processed by direct payment. In the early days of the company, installments were offered. However, this is subjective because most investors prefer to buy land right away.


The Al-hamra Avenue Housing scheme is a great example of mixed-use development houses where all the infrastructure needed for housing and community facilities are combined into a beautiful and lively place.

Planned home development is a constructed residential land with proper infrastructure, like gas, electric and paved roads, available at an affordable price. It’s a well-designed and built-up community and estate where you’ll live and play for many years.

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Is Islamabad’s Al-Hamra Avenue housing scheme?

Al-Hamra Avenue Islamabad residential property is one of the oldest properties by the Shaheen Foundation in 2005.

Where is the housing society located?

The Al- Hamra housing scheme is ideally situated in the Federal Capital’s Zone-V. It is a 20-minute drive from Serena Hotel in Islamabad and is located on Lethrar Road, which connects to PINSTEC.

Is it a legal housing society?

Yes, this society has NOC approved by CDA. So now it is a legal land.

Is there a payment schedule?

No, many plots and houses are immediately available for purchase.

What are the sizes of the residential plots?

The residential plots with different sizes are as follows: 5 marlas, 7 marlas, 10 marlas, 12 marlas, and 1 Kanal.

Is there a high yield return on Al-Hamra Avenue?

Yes. We expect a high yield return on investment for this project.

Who is responsible for the development work?

Habib Rafiq Private Limited is responsible for planning and developing the Al-Hamra Avenue project.

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